Monday, July 03, 2006

She's driving me crazy!

My grandmother has been living at my mom's house for a few weeks. While I'm there she likes to make comments. She's always felt free to make comments. While working with her as a teen it need some makeup on. Get in there and put some color in your face. As my family started to grow it need to stop having kids. No one in this day and age needs to have a lot of kids. Then my parents told her to back off and she did. But she's driving me crazy with her "admiration". It's not quite admiration but it's the best description I could think of and on the surface it looks to be. Things like...

Good God! You're too busy! You're never home! Don't you ever sit down?
Don't you ever stay home? Why do you always have to be going and going?
I feel sorry for you. You have too much to do.
You really need to slow down Kim. You're too busy
You poor thing. You need to relax! You do too much.
and on and on...

Thing is, I try to explain to her I can't be too busy if I can find hours to sit in front of the computer most days. The condition of my house shows I'm not busy enough. She says I like to always be going and I just think I'm not busy enough. Yeah right! I'm one of the laziest people I know....just ask Tom's family. ROFL!

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