Monday, July 03, 2006

Misc Tidbits

Saturday was a productive day although you can't tell by walking in my door.

Sunday was BUSY! Baptism, shopping for Liz's trip to Norway, a 4th of July picnic at my uncle's, and a side trip to my parents' house on the way home to pick up a bigger suitcase for Liz.

While hitting a dollar store I saw they had a HUGE display of fresh cut carnations. I wanted to buy a bouquet of each color, I settled for 2...deep pink and white. They're pretty sitting next to my computer and smell nice. I LOVE flowers!

It was hard for the other kids to shop for only Liz. They're all old enough to understand the reason behind it. Taming the green eyed monster over it is a bit more difficult. There were a few times when I really had problems tolerating their case of the gimmies.

I'm glad we were gone Sunday evening. A summer thunderstorm knocked out our power and it didn't come back on for over 5hrs.

I'm cameraless at the moment. We've lost a piece of metal that the batteries make contact with (on the battery door). I'm hoping it's gone under the couch or loveseat and we'll find it later this week.

At my uncle's picnic my aunt (who had 7 kids herself) joked....Hmmmm...Danielle is almost one. Isn't it about time for another? My dad was standing there and wasn't amused. Told her to bite her tongue!

I realized...there's nothing like sparklers to make you feel like you're 10 again.

Also at my uncle's picnic. One of my uncle's crazy friends (whom I've known since I was little but haven't seen in quite a while) threw me one of his classic pick up routines. He acted like he mistook me for Annette who is GORGEOUS! Running into him again brought up the fact that I really do look like her and she really is gorgeous. Rolling my eyes I had to wonder if he realized I was K's baby girl.

I told my dad what I thought had happened and he confirmed that I had read it right. Later in the evening as my sister was giving my dad a kiss good-bye, crazy friend asked if that was his daughter and how many he had. My dad told him..Yes she is, I have 2. The other one is the one you thought was ANNETTE! LOL

My mom didn't go to my uncle's. When I told her the story she replied with...That musta made your day. I sarcastically said yeah, if it'd happened 20yrs ago maybe! Thinking on it now, it did tickle me just a bit. :o)

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