Sunday, July 23, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Mr or Ms ASSHOLE!

I really abhor (that means hate BTW) swearing but today it seems it's all I can think of, especially when I think of you. I would like to thank you for taking the time to pick up my diaper bag at the transportation center today. Although I really wish you'd also taken the time to bring it up to the information desk instead of taking it home.

Yes, in the chaos of switching my dd's 2 left shoes for a pair of flip flops that she could actually wear. In the midst of the chaos of 2 mega families with excited kids joining into one group. (2 adults and 16 kids) I forgot to pick up my diaper bag that I'd placed on the sidewalk. I admit, I was an idiot and might even have deserved to lose my wallet.

I don't care about the wallet, you could've had whatever you wanted in it for all I cared. I can only hope that you needed my $8 more then I did. I'd have to be really down on my luck to take something that I know wasn't mine for $8. As for the Walmart card in there (the balance is $15 btw)...I wish you could know that the card was literally earned with blood, sweat and 11yo's! It was her prize from the TODAY study clinic for pricking her finger and testing her blood so many times a day, for taking her medicine twice a day...every day, working hard at keeping her logbook up to date and following her dr's orders carefully, even if it meant going without something fun once in a while. Don't worry about her though, I'll make sure she gets her $15 back. I can only be thankful that I didn't add her $50 she also earned onto it like I was going to last week.

As for all the pretty plastic cards in that purse and the shiny cell phone you're clasping in your hot little hands. Have fun trying to use them. They are DEAD! You probably hadn't even gotten home before they were rendered useless. My husband and older boys made sure of that!

If you can't figure out what's inside that black cloth case, let me clue you in. It's a glucose meter. It's what helps keep my 11yo dd healthy! Luckily we have another one she can use. Unfortunately you walked away with a week's worth of her numbers she hadn't logged yet. I'm not sure how that'll effect whether she'll earn another Walmart gift card at her next appointment in August. I hope not. I ask that you please don't throw it away or break it. Find someone who's diabetic and can use it...give it to them. At least let SOMETHING good come out of this mess.

So's you know. Because of you....

...I lost a bit of faith in humanity today. I feel like a fool for the small glimpse of hope I had that someone picked up my bag and turned it into the lost and found.

...I became the suspicious person I despise. No one was safe from my scrutiny. It's a horrible way to look at people. I feel as dirty as you SHOULD!

...My kids missed getting to visit their very sick grandma who is in the hospital. Instead they stood roasting in the parking lot, feeling helpless as they watched their mom fall apart on the phone to their dad. Luckily their other grandfather lives near by and could taxi them out of the parking lot and to his house while mom figured out how to fix the mess YOU made.

...My dad had to take 2 trips to the train station and then stood in the hot parking lot with his little girl. He almost passed out. If something had happened to him.....

...I realized that being a parent NEVER ends, no matter how grown up the kids are.

...A locksmith had to leave his family picnic today and earn $135. Luckily my dad owns a handy dandy ATM card, since I'm a nobody now with not a drop of ID to my name. I'm now the owner of an expensive shiny new van key. Lucky me!

...I'm going to have tons of unplanned fun tomorrow. Lots of people want to see and speak with me now that I'm reduced to almost nothing. I couldn't prove who I am to anyone if I wanted to. So how does this work now? I go to the DMV to get my license so I have a photo ID? Oh wait I need cash for that. Then I guess I'll have to go to the bank for some cash first. Oh wait, I need ID to withdraw it...that is IF I could withdraw it since my accounts are now CLOSED. It's enough to turn a grown woman into a puddle of babbling goo.

...My kids are totally confused. WHY would someone take a bunch of baby clothes? WHY would someone take our new dvd? What's so great about a beat up old messenger bag full of diapers and wipes?

...My kids are scared that the bad person will come to their house (since you know our address) and do something to them or take their things. After all if disposable diapers can lead you to steal, surely their gameboy colors would be worth the effort too.

...I'm joining them in a bit of that paranoia. Will you come out here in the cover of darkness and droning window fans to steal my van. Afterall, you have my insurance card so know what make and model the key fits into. You have my address so you know where it's kept. Why would you want an ugly old boat like that anyways? Isn't there some nice sporty Kia closer to home you could nab instead?

And best of all

...I was reminded how many people I can truly rely on. It was great to be offered so much help from so many of my family and friends.

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Denise said...

Oh my, how depressing and frustrating and anger inducing. I'm sorry.