Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm not ready for this!!!!

Sunday we were in the pool while the big boys played basketball with their cousin. Danielle wanted to watch them play so I put her on the walkway that goes around the pool (about 18inches wide) and stood behind her. She stood up hanging onto the pool fence with her face between the slats. We laughed, saying she looked like she was in jail. Then Pat yelled, SHE'S DOING IT! SHE'S DOING IT! There was Danielle with her knees slightly bent, elbows glued to her sides, her hands stuck out into the air...with nothing in them! She wasn't holding onto the bars! Everyone started cheering and clapping. Of course Danielle had to join in so she carefully sat down and started clapping along with everyone else. I knew then that I was in trouble.

In less then one week my sweet, content, barely moving baby has changed into a sweet, content, FAST, climbing, practice standing baby! Yesterday she was found in the bathroom just as she was putting her hand in the toilet for the first time. Today I was talking with the big girls when Michelle realized Danielle wasn't to be seen. They walked down the hall calling her name. She laughingly poked her head out of the little girls UPSTAIRS bedroom door. While blogging earlier today I turned around to find my BABY sitting on an end table with her chubby little legs wrapped the lamp, huge grin on her face, laughing away. She's also climbing on the bottom shelf of the bookcase and then trying to climb onto the top of the books so she can reach the next shelf. (lots of room between bottom 2 shelves, missing s shelf)

She's getting more teeth (think she's on her 6th now) and using them. Poor Eileen got a good welt on her ribcage after dinner tonight. How do you explain to someone who's not too sure what teeth are for, that they hurt people!? Eileen screamed and started crying when it happened, which frightened Danielle, causing her to cry too. But in sympathy, I don't think so. I don't remember ever having a baby that bothered me while nursing so much. Not only does she bite, she kneads and pinches too! I've seriously considered weaning her, but I don't want give it up yet.

This house is NOT ready for a wandering curious baby. Especially one who travels quietly. I'll need to buy a new gate for the end of the hallway/bottom of the stairs. I have to keep reminding the kids to keep the bathroom and basement doors closed. They seemed surprised today when I insisted Danielle be taken off the dishwasher door. They didn't seem to see a problem with it. This is gonna be loads of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Watch out Kim!! There she goes-hehe!!! Taniyah is in to everything and she's VERY quiet so I know what you mean. After having the boys who are LOUD about everything they do she is definetly different!!