Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Tom!!!

Yep today my "old man" gets a bit older. (really don't care for that nickname but it fits today lol) I'd planned on getting the house totally cleaned for his present. He hates the clutter and mess! Unfortunately I'm missing all my big kids, I got hit big time with allergies last night (eyes could/can barely stay open due to all the itching and tearing up) and I woke up this morning with my left shoulder in a knot. I can barely look around much less haul and lift stuff. So the cleaning has gone a LOT slower then I'd anticipated. Poor Tom. Truth is I didn't get anything for my birthday either. We've talked about going away for a night or so. It'll be for both birthdays and our anniversary...actually probably Christmas too lol.

This week was Michelle's week to do the food. It's amazing the difference between her and Val's menu. Val went for the meals that she likes (which isn't a lot) but also ones that require the least amount of work. Michelle went for things she wanted or that we hadn't had in a while. For Tom's birthday we're having Shrimp cocktail, london broil, salt potatoes and a tossed salad. If I ever get around to it he'll have cake with his ice cream too. (actually Olivia and I made the cake since starting this post)

Saturday we went to a Christmas/4th of July party. (last year was Halloween/4th of July) It was thrown by a guy Tom works with and his wife (they are childless...not by choice). I only knew a handful of people there so we tended to stick together as a family unit. Someone felt sorry for Jake since he was the only boy we brought with us. They did the classic mouth dropping to the floor routine when I told them that 3 of my boys and another girl were missing. lol I was then told I looked great for having that many kids. Which always leaves me wondering if I should thank them for the compliment or be offended....would I look terrible if I'd only had 2 kids?

Danielle was the ice breaker and cutie of the party as usual. Many people commented on how amazingly content she was all day/night. (and beautiful but that's a given lol) When a girl who was pg mentioned how easy a 10mo was to take to parties, the girl's mom was ROFL! She then informed the daughter that Danielle was NOT a normal 10mo and to think again.

One guy made a comment about how we could leave Danielle playing some where and check on her occassionally and she would still be there, playing contently. HUH? Check...occassionally? Granted she was on the ground crawling and playing but she was doing it at my feet, under my watchful eye at all times.....ALL TIMES!

Amazingly I didn't hear any common snide comments. I was asked if Danielle was my last baby by the above mentioned pg girl. When I said I didn't know she said...you go girl...have 3 or 4 more. I just smiled, said we'll see and walked away, not knowing whether she meant the sarcasm I read in her voice or not.

We stayed until after the fireworks show (there were TONS of them!) Most of the kids were out cold before we got too far from the party. :o)

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