Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Bean....

Eileen's birth story

Oops, excuse me...EILEEN! Yes, she's stated she's getting too old to be called Bean now. At least in public. I'm really trying to remember it when we're out but it's hard! She's been Bean practically since the day she was born. It bothers her the most when I use the name. Maybe because I'm the one that speaks to her more when we're in public. Maybe it's because I tend to be a bit louder then her dad. Who knows. LOL

Anyways, Miss Eileen has turned 8yo on Sunday. She requested pizza and wings from the local pizza place. Then she hesitated and asked how much they'd cost. Bless her heart. We assured her she didn't have to worry about that. That if we couldn't or didn't want to do it, she wouldn't be getting them. When Tom got home and told me how much they were, I almost fainted. I guess they raised their prices and we didn't know it. At least everyone enjoyed it.

Tom picked up 2 of D's girls, K and M for the night. Poor things, it's HOT in here. Not that their house would be any better, neither one of us has central A/C. I made it so their room is one of the cooler rooms in the house though, except our's. When I made Tom give up our window screen for the girls, he went downstairs for what I thought was a different screen. He came back with the A/C unit my FIL bought us last year that saved my summer pregnancy. I haven't really felt the need to have it until today. It's such a short time, it wasn't worth the work. Besides, who's going to use it during the day? It's in my bedroom. When I was pg it was fine for me to go in and laydown. I HAD to do it. Now...nah! It just makes it harder to cope when in the rest of the house.

We spent a lot of time in the pool and Michelle is fried. She missed some areas on her back with the sunscreen and...ouch! Monday was a repeat with higher temps and humidity. It made it hard to deal with Danielle since we were both constantly sweaty and sticky. Luckily we had tons of popsicles to wet our whistles. I haven't blogged lately because I was too hot and foggy to think. Luckily today's a lot better in the humidity department. A few degrees cooler too, what a difference!

I'm not sure if it's the heat or if the TODAY study changed Carrie's meds and forgot to tell me (it's a blind study, take 2 capsules no matter what you're taking). I guess I should call the clinic. I'm not complaining since it's not anything bad that's happening. She's finally seeing numbers under 100 before dinner. It's just that it's happening consistantly and I'd like to know if there was a reason (heat or meds). If it is meds, it would've been nice to be given a heads up so we could be ready for it. The first time it happened Carrie was 77 and on her way down is my guess, from the way she was acting. She suddenly complained of not feeling good and feeling like she was going to throw up. I told her to go drink that glass of milk she was heading for before testing, even if she didn't feel like she could have it. It did the trick. :o)

I took K and M home yesterday and dropped off Carrie and Eileen. It's quite different here without them. Eileen's gotten into a really bad habit of whining and crying over EVERYTHING! It's driving us all insane. I haven't talked to D yet today and am curious if she did it there. Poor Olivia is quite lost without her sisters though. She's been asking for me to go to D's and get them since she got up at 8am.
This week is Carrie and Luke's turn for food. Carrie is a lot more gungho about doing the work then Luke is, but she's not here. They haven't made their menu yet, although Luke's already asked if dinner tonight could be burgers and fries . Sounds fine by me since everything for it is in the freezer already. I'll have them make up a menu tonight and we'll probably go shopping first thing tomorrow morning.

As usual this summer I have kids to taxi to and from my house. Where is that revolving front door I ordered?

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