Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I just need a moment

TOOPID Rain! I feel like I live in the rain forest. It's either raining, sprinkling or the sun's out making it so muggy it's hard to breathe. It ruined a whole tree full of cherries!!! Last week I took note of how great the crop was this year (cold got it last year...barely a one on the tree). Problem was they weren't quite ripe so I gave them a few more days. Then it rained and rained and rained some more. By the time we got out there to pick the tree clean...they were a moldy, rotten mess. Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I was so excited! I had plans for those things. I haven't bought any cherries at the store because they're so expensive ($4/lb, on sale for $2 last week). Tom told me the cardinals were enjoying themselves to MY cherries yesterday. TOOPID birds!

TOOPID grain moths! Everytime I open the cupboard they fly into my face. It's disgusting! Guess I need to clean out the cupboards really soon. There's gotta be a forgotten box/canister of something in there that they're multiplying in. I feel so wasteful when I go through this. I hate throwing away food.

TOOPID allergies! This morning is the worst. My eyes, nose and scalp itch really bad. Well the scalp BETTER be allergies, otherwise I have a nasty case of lice! It's not even 8am and I already have a tissue pile next to my keyboard. My eyes are slits and I feel and look like I haven't slept in days. Guess I need to break out the claratin.

*deep cleansing breath* K, done. Now onto the good stuff.

Tom's been enjoying his time off although I haven't seen him too much. He's been out doing what he loves doing, working in the garden/yard. (a little rain doesn't bother him) I still enjoy having him home. It makes me happy to see him relax. Times like this make me look forward to when he retires. Last night I mentioned to him how sad it was he had to go back to work in the morning. He informed me that he didn't HAVE to, although he could. He'd put in for Wed off separately incase he decided he didn't want to go back to work yet. He's still sleeping in bed...guess he didn't want to go back yet. LOL

Liz leaves for Norway tomorrow! I'm a little less stressed about it. She's managed to pack almost everything but a few odd things. It's hard to let her pack herself. I'm so afraid she's going to forget something. I guess as long as she has her passport and the clothes on her back, she'll manage. LOL We've been so blessed to have the couple in our lives that's allowed these kids to travel like they have. Thank you V and L!!!!! I couldn't imagine bringing 28 young adults (14yo and up) to an amusement park for a day much less on a 17 day trip across the world to Norway! But they're doing it. They're going to have a BALL!

For some reason getting ready for a trip equates getting ALL the laundry done to me. So Liz's preparations have helped me do just that. Michelle and I have hoed out the basement of any old clothes down there. I won't mention how many bags of wet, moldy and plain old disgusting clothes we hauled out of's too embarassing. Today I'll be cleaning up my laundry room floor and rewashing things that have fallen out of clean laundry baskets. It's something that's been weighing me down lately and it's nice to have it almost done. :oD

I broke out my sewing machine yesterday. One of the things Liz needed was a duna cover. I bought a twin sheet set and a coordinating flat sheet then stitched the two flat sheets together on 3 sides. The kids all enjoyed watching me sew. Eileen is now begging me to teach her to sew. Problem is she wants to learn to sew by hand...ummm.....mommy tries to avoid that honey. lol I have some fabric she can make some pillows with.

I have to admit, it's nice to look over and see the machine ready to be used, without a ton of stuff stored ontop of it. I'm going to try to get some fabric washed after I finish the laundry, then I can sew up some skirts, jumpers, lounge pants and/or camisoles.

I'm ending here. I HAVE to break out the claratin NOW before I do some damage to myself. Hope today is a good one for everyone.

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