Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I love my midwife!

Actually I love the whole OB office! :o) My appointment was a good one. I admitted I did horrible with monitoring my blood sugar the last 2wks. The midwife've been tracking it for so long, it's fine to be lax for once. Just don't make it a habit. LOL PHEW! I thought I'd be in trouble. It did make for a tough decision on what to do with my insulin though. She talked with the dr (who was doing a u/s and couldn't see me....why I got to see the m/w instead) and he decided to up both my doses to 30units. It'll be interesting to see how that goes.

I stayed the same weight I was 2 wks ago ( starting weight) and my blood pressure was good at 118/80. The nurse was laughing before she took it and told me....DON'T tell me what you got this morning. So I guess we have a new game. She was happy we were both in the same ballpark again. I had gotten 124/76.

I don't go in again for another 2wks when I'll be about 28wks!!! WOW! That's weird to think of. The dr won't be there but I'll see the MW again. I also have to go in for some bloodwork again. It'll be interesting to see what my A1c does (3month average of my blood sugar level). I think it'll be higher, but hopefully not too much higher. I also have an appt for my next u/s on July 6th. Can't wait to take another peek at this baby!

I took it easy this morning and luckily left a bit early. The reason being is that my van was giving us a hard time starting again. Tom had woke up late so called in sick this morning so was home. He tapped the starter and it started right up again. I begged him to go with me but he was too sweaty and had too much work to get done in the garden. I whined that I couldn't be crawling under the van and smacking the starter everytime I needed to go somewhere. We decided to call Drew to see if he was available if I needed help. Found out he was at the mall and his car was over at Allison's (around the block). So I borrowed his car!!

I ran by a pool place to price out pool liners and couldn't believe my ears! They would only sell me a .25 gauge with a 20yr warranty and it was $525!!! Oh and I had to wait for delivery which would hopefully be in a week. I said NO THANK YOU! I can get the same thing online for $150 cheaper and walked out! They were probably going to order it online and mark it up on me anyways. Tom and I have decided we're ok with ordering a .20 gauge (thinner of the 2) with a 15yr warranty. It's $100 cheaper (almost half the liner I'm looking at) and I know from my dad's experiences....those warranties aren't that big of a thing. They prorate the liner and you end up getting back little value on the old liner.

I then ran by the auto parts place and bought a new starter for the van and a repair manual/book. I hate going into those places. Even though I tend to know what I'm talking about, I tend to feel like I really don't.

From there it was onto Walmart. I bought Jake and Eileen a new outfit for their concert tomorrow (all on clearance of course! lol) I forgot that Carrie was also performing. I was oogling the adorable onesies/bodysuits in the infant department. :o) I decided to wait to buy too much more, especially if it's for full price. I'm afraid this baby is going to be a hunker even if it's 2wks early. I forgot to buy garbage bags, which we can't live without. Also Liz informed me that she needs craypaas (sp) for her art project, so looks like I might be heading back there tonight. At least now I can drive my van since Tom's already replaced the starter and it's running like a charm again! YEAH!

Last night I managed to plant my flower beds. I did the back one with a container of wildflower seeds that my MIL gave me. MY front garden is done with tons of specific seeds. Just hope that I did it decently and it'll turn out like I want it to. I still have to plant my Glads and the plants my dad brought out last week. Hopefully that'll get done tomorrow. I'd also like to prime and paint the front porch while the threat of rain isn't in the forecast. Then again, I also want to sew. LOL Oh yeah! I found a bunch of patterns I'd been looking for in the library/craft room. Drew had stuck them into a basket when he moved back into the room. So I'm really happy camper now!

Have I mentioned lately that I can't wait for school to be over with!!! Only 3wks left! I LOVE SUMMER VACATION!!!! It's getting hard to get the kids up in the morning. Not to mention how difficult it is to make them do their homework while it's BEAUTIFUL outside. Or how hard it is to get them into bed at a decent time when it's still light out at 9pm! I'm on Carrie and Luke's case now to get their work done and it's not going too well. Guess I need to go sit on them!

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