Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday night excitement

Tonight's the night. It's the night that Drew and his band play at their first paying gig. It's at a restaurant in the local marina. Drew was really excited when he realized that the restaurant even advertised that they'd be playing. Granted it was in the local shopper, but it's still exciting. I'm so nervous for them! An owner from another place they've given a demo to is planning on being there to see whether they are good enough for his place or not. I guess there may even be the newspaper reporter who does the local music scene section there. Tom and I are planning on going over to see them. We may even splurge and have something to eat. I told Tom we could consider it the anniversary celebration we never had. :o)

I did an UH OH this morning. At least I think I did. I THINK I forgot my insulin dose this morning but can't be sure. So to be on the safe side I have to act like I did take it. My sugars still running on the low side so I can't be sure if I did or didn't by my numbers. Oh well, at least they aren't going sky high on me. It just bugs me that I could do something like that. I took my meds this AM, had some peanut butter toast and took a shower. After my shower I decided to lay back down and fell asleep. I can't remember if I took it before I ate when I took my meds. Or I'd planned on doing it after my shower but never got to it.

I made up a huge list of small jobs that needed to be done around here and posted them on the wall. All the kids got to look at the list, pick a job then cross it off and put their inital next to it. I told them I'd think of prizes but haven't figured it out yet. They did a great job and the house is looking nice. Now if they can just keep it like this!

Michelle and I made up half the burger I have for meatballs. We made the meatballs a bit bigger then I was planning on. I figured because I used 75% burger they'd shrink and they didn't as much as I thought they would. We have enough meatballs for about 60 sandwiches (figuring 3 meatballs per sub) We didn't finish the job because I ran out of breadcrumbs and parm cheese and didn't feel like improvising. Tom bought it on the way home from work so we'll finish them up tomorrow morning. What we did make is now flash freezing on cookie sheets in the newly defrosted upright freezer in the basement! :o)

Pat and I redid the outlet of the pool. Not sure if that's the proper name, it's the hole where water comes back into the pool from the pump after it's filtered. Drew and Pat had inserted it through the new liner but it wouldn't let them screw it tightly to the pool wall. I finally bothered to ask if they CUT the liner before inserting it or just punctured it through. Seems they punctured it, so there was tons of liner on the threads of it. We took it off again, I cut the liner and it went back on nice and tight like it should. I was getting nervous because the water is about 3 inches from the bottom of this hole. Now I can relax! I still have to pull apart and check the filter. I'm not sure what condition it was put away in, since I didn't put it away. I'm hoping to do it tomorrow. I know we'll have to divert the well from the pool to the house well soon and it's killing me. But we have to have water to live. I'm hoping we'll be able to run the filter by Monday though! Depends on how needy the house is.

Tom is home from work and is now off until the 18th! I think I'm more excited for him then he is for himself. LOL Guess the huge honey-do list doesn't make it any too exciting. Hopefully Drew can start and get quite a bit of the painting done tomorrow.

This morning was different pregnancywise. I woke up at 5AM and couldn't get back to sleep. I did a bunch of things around here and jumped in the shower before anyone woke up...about 7:30. As I was getting into the shower I noticed my back was getting tight and it was going into my belly. By the time I finished my shower I was feeling nauseated and my belly hurt all along my diaphram. My sugar and blood pressure were GREAT so I went to rest in bed for a while. After about 20mins I fell asleep and slept about an hour. I felt better after I woke up but I've noticed a bunch of bh here and there, moreso then other days. Seems a bit early, especially for me, but guess I'm into that lovely grand multi-para time of easily egged on BH's with occassional real ones popping in here or there.

I'll update on how our "date" and Drew's gig went when I get home.

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