Monday, July 25, 2005

OB visit and the rest of the weekend

She's TURNED!!! Today's sono showed that the baby is now head down. As my OB said..we're now in "Good to go" position. :o) I took Luke and Jake with me today and I'll say it was VERY interesting. Jake's mouth didn't stop for a second, he got pretty silly too. At least the dr seemed amused. Interestingly enough the dr put the baby's weight at the same weight it was 2wks ago. Like they say, it's just an estimate...but according to him...we're right on track.

My basic stuff was all good (I forgot to leave a urine sample after my sono though). I am back down to 210lbs and my blood pressure was 120/65. I told the dr I wasn't getting those numbers at home, he didn't seem too concerned. We talked about the peri's suggestions, he wasn't too impressed...just like I thought. His opinion...

* Not dropping the is peeing just fine and it's doing me a world of good.

* We ARE monitoring more closely with BPP being done. Not necessary to make it twice a week at this point in the game.

So it's proceed as usual. He didn't comment too much on my numbers but I know he likes them. So I'm still at 20units of insulin AM and PM. I'm still waiting for resistance to hit big time and it's not happening. I'll take it as a good thing though. Next appt is next Monday and there'll be another peek at the baby. Michelle, Val and Liz want to go in again because they missed out on peeking at the baby last visit.

The peds office called while I was gone. Val's urine sample must have grown something. They want her to continue taking her meds and come back into the office in a month to have another sample tested. She seems to be feeling better but still complains on and off that her back hurts. Guess it's a good thing she has an appt on the 8th with the urologist.

This weekend was quiet and cooler, although I was still hot! Saturday we got a bunch of laundry done but not all of it. We had the girl's friends in and out all day. Carrie went to R's house for the night. Sunday we went to church and Jake went to the O's house for the day. Shortly after I got home Tom's older brother called to ask if we wanted to go out to dinner and visit their mom....we scrounged up some money and went. BIL had a a dinner get one for $1.99 so we both ate well for under $19 including tip...not too shabby. MIL wasn't looking so hot. She's pretty week and her arm looks nasty. She went into the hospital on Wed night so that they could perform surgery on her on Thurs. Her fistula (huge vein that they give her dialysis through) had stopped functioning and they had to make her a new one. Her dr has squashed her hopes of having her cataracts done. He said it's too much on her system. She was SO looking forward to getting it done because she can hardly see anything. Dr asked her...would you rather see or be dead? YIKES!

Tonight and tomorrow I'm hoping to finish up a bunch of laundry and start washing FABRIC! After a high of 95+ tomorrow it's suppose to cool down to the mid 70's to low 80s for the highs, through the weekend...aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! What better time to get some sewing done. I'd love to make the girls some clothes for school.

Luke and I (plus a few stragglers here and there) are still reading Harry Potter. We're over half done with the book and he's been bugging me to read it to him whenever he can. It's hard for him to pull himself away so he can go in the pool.

Time to start dinner.

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