Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Quick OB appt this morning

Michelle, Val and Liz went with me this morning. Unfortunately it was a quick and boring visit without a peek at the baby. I lost a pound so am at 213. My blood pressure was 116/78. I have NO idea why it's always so low at their office! LOL I haven't been keeping track of it at home this week. For the last few weeks though it's been consistantly higher then that. He said my sugar numbers were good and kept my insulin doseage the same. I really have NO clue why my insulin needs aren't increasing like they should be. I guess I'll just have to live with it lol. I asked Dr B when he starts to get concerned about a transverse baby. He said about 36wks. After that the baby has a 50/50 chance of turning (sounds like a pat OB answer if you ask me ;o))

After the appt we stopped by Little Ceasars for a $5 pepperoni pizza. YUM! We haven't had pizza in quite awhile and it was good! We then stopped by the dollar store to pick up a few things. We were home by 12:30. :o)

I tried to get a few things done around here this afternoon but it was HOT! I would work for a little bit then go lay in my room and then do it again. The kitchen and bathroom aren't done but we plan on getting it finished tomorrow morning. Just hope the heat cooperates long enough.

In the evening I made a deal with the kids, if they weeded the eggplant garden and the back center flower garden, I'd give them money to spend at the snack bar during the church's summer conference (first weekend of Aug.) We demolished the weeds in no time flat. Well we still have a small area in the flower garden to deal with. It was getting too dark to see and the mosquitos were feasting on us. So that's another thing for tomorrow morning. While weeding we were talking about how easy the work was with all of us working together. I told them that's why large families used to be popular WAY back there was plenty of help around the house/farm. I think they were glad they were born in the era that they were.

I will be able to run the pool filter in the morning!!!!! :oD The water is into the skimmer and the filter is filled! It's not quite high enough to not suck in air though. Tomorrow morning it should be where I need it to be. So I'll be vacuuming the pool in the morning too. Hopefully we can all be swimming in the afternoon! I have to find some shorts to wear before I can go in though. Wearing a skirt in the pool isn't such a good idea. ;o)

Boy! It better be a loooooong morning if I'm going to get everything done! I'm suppose to do the grocery shopping for the party tomorrow evening. So I think it might be a long day, no matter how long the morning is.

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