Friday, July 01, 2005

They're getting so big!!!

Eileen and Olivia went berry picking (or hunting as they call it) this morning. Their ride was coming between 9 and 9:30, they woke me up at 8 to ask how long they had. LOL In the next 45 mins they managed to get their own clothes, make, eat and pickup breakfast (Olivia had a ham, mayo and lettuce sandwich LOL), brush their teeth and hair and be on the front steps waiting at 8:45. How do I know all this if I was still in bed? Because they came in every few mintues to update me on their progress! LOL I think it would have been easier to just get up with them. I was being lazy though since I didn't get to bed until after 4am this morning. I was being held hostage by the Final Fantasy X game on the Playstation! I SO didn't want to quit by my body was shutting down and I knew I had to be alert for Carrie's clinic appt (and city driving) this afternoon.

Yesterday was a GOOD day here in terms of workload. I weeded the front flower garden and about 4 rows of watermelon and cantelope in the back field. Michelle, Liz and I started hauling rotting bags of clothes out of the basement. I was amazed what I had stored down there. Size 5 boys clothes from Drew! Flannel shirts, sweater vests, etc. Jake hasn't been a size 5 in forever and even when he was a 5 all he wore was jeans and t-shirts. All the kids did some extra work around here and it's not looking too bad right now, although it's obvious chores need to be done today.

As I mentioned is Carrie's clinic appointment. I have SO much to do it's tempting to cancel the appt. I won't though since I canceled her appt in October. This is the first time she's been seen since April '04, she's suppose to be seen every 6mos. She was suppose to have an EKG and a stress test done today but they rescheduled until NEXT Friday. THAT I might cancel unless the clinic thinks she needs it NOW. I have at least 3 appts every week this's insane! When am I suppose to get anything done for the party?

The OB's office called yesterday. My consult with the pericenter is for 9:45 on the 11th. YIPPEE!! I get to drive through major rush hour traffic on a Monday! Aren't I lucky. LOL I guess it'll be an all day thing since I have 3 different appts there, including a nutritional consult (little late in the game don't you think?)

OK...time to gulp down the rest of my coffee, jump in the shower and get out the door. I'm hoping to have time to update this evening on how things went today.

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