Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Melting but moving along

The heatwave continues and it's HOT here! (current feels like temp is 101 and the sweat is dripping off of me) It makes it hard for us and especially me to work but we seem to be moving forward with party prep plans. If things go according to my plans we should be completely done with house prep tomorrow. I may push it back so that we work on Thurs, it depends on the heat and how we can tolerate it.

The pool is ALMOST filled!! WOOHOOO! The water is up to the skimmer face plate so only an inch or two more is needed. Unfortunately the house well also needs water right now so the pool is on hold until tomorrow morning. Hopefully tomorrow night we can start the pump and vacuuming. Tom has been shocking it so the water looks clear. It's just the bottom that's a mess.

Yesterday was Tom's birthday. The girls made him a cake and we roasted ribs for his birthday dinner. We didn't do much else celebrating wise. I feel sorry for him, he always seems to get shortchanged when it comes to his birthday. I'm going to have to plan on throwing him a huge party for his 50th birthday (only 3 more years)

Michelle and Liz helped finish the painting. We dediced to rag paint the large bathroom. It took a lot longer then if I'd just painted it with a pad. I was wide awake at 3AM yesterday morning. I tried to force myself back to sleep but it wasn't working. I got up and painted the smaller bathroom. It's so small it only took about 1.5hrs to do 2 coats. I ran out of paint (we only bought a quart of mistinted peach) before I could finish the 2nd coat over the tub surround. Hopefully the shower curtain and valance will hide that for the day. LOL

Tom has the yard and gardens looking NICE! I don't know how he can work out in this heat, I guess he's used to it. He's been doing it almost every weekday for over 23yrs.

I've made lists upon lists for this weekend. I can never keep them around long enough to do any good (although the chore lists everyday help a LOT). I think I finally have the menu and grocery list figured and written out. Now to just keep it until Thursday and Friday when I can go shopping.

Tomorrow is my next OB appt. I'm not sure if I'll be doing another BPP or not. Michelle, Val and Liz are going with me. They're hoping they can get a peek at the baby. I haven't been keeping great track of my glucose numbers this week. I'm almost to the point of wanting to "forget" my glucose log book at home this week. lol

The kitchen counters are calling me. Time to go.

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Kathy said...

Wow Kim you are really moving along. I hope that the party goes off without a hitch and that you continue to do so well with your pregnancy.