Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Perinatal Center Visit

It went pretty much how I thought it would...long and nothing new. I was to see the nutritionist at 12:45 and then the dr after that. The instructions stated to arrive 15mins early so I could register and square away the insurance stuff, which I did. I sat and sat and sat. Nurses came back from lunch and I thought...oh good, here we go, they're going to start calling us in (I was the 3rd person that arrived). They did but they bypassed me. Finally a woman walked in the office and asked for me. The nutritionists....her office was on the next floor up and NO ONE had told her I was there!! It was 1:25. I was brought into the back and had my vitals taken. I gained 2.5lbs (up to 216.8lbs) and my blood pressure was 136/79. We went up to her office and just skimmed over everything since I had already met with a nutritionist at the beginning of the pregnancy. The appt lasted about 10mins tops. I was then brought back to the peri office.

I didn't wait long before they called me back and brought me to a room. A nurse came in almost immediately to take my history and make a copy of my glucose log. (which did NOT have this weeks few numbers in it) When she was done she said the dr would be in shortly. I waited and waited and waited...finally about 2:30 the dr with a few students came in. He gave me the rundown about what he's suggesting to my OB. Things he mentioned...

* If I continue to have great control I COULD be allowed to go to 39 or 40wks.
* My HCTZ (water pill/diuretic) should probably be discontinued as it also acts as a diuretic on the baby.
* If size or placenta function start to be in question before 38wks an amniocentisis is recommended to check for lung maturity. After 38wks it's not "needed".

I then asked him why my insulin needs would decrease now instead of increase. He suggested that we could have upped my dosage too much. I let him know I was fine for quite a while over what I'm currently on before we lowered it. I also let him know that my needs seem to be decreasing again. I also admitted that I haven't been eating correctly or taking my readings regularly. The only other thing that could potentially be the problem is placental dysfunction/deterioration. So he tune changed to....

* Be watched CLOSELY, to the point of being checked twice a week.
* NST and BBP done at each visit
* Consider an amnio at 36wks to check for lung maturity with the thought of inducing if it shows the lungs to be mature.

Because I wasn't going to be seen by my OB until Monday he asked if I minded getting a quick u/s to check amniotic fluid and get hooked up to the monitor for a NST. I agreed and into another room we went. The u/s shows the baby is still transverse and still has her head near my right hip. She's still very clearly a she. Amniotic fluid looked good, as did the heart. I was hooked up to the NST monitor for about 10mins. The baby was going crazy (dr admitted he could see she was moving tons while we were talking) and she reacted exactly as they'd wanted. I was then sent on my way. Appointment ended at 3:15.

Now to see what my OB has to say about the peri's suggestions and thoughts. Me, I'm bound and determined to get my nose back to the grindstone. This means to remember my insulin and meds, eat correctly and when I'm suppose to, and to track it all so I can be sure I am. I do have a minor problem at the moment....I've misplaced my glucose meter AGAIN! So I'll have to find that tonight. Guess I need to offer the kids a reward again.

Just thought I'd add...Michelle found my glucose meter at 9:50pm. It was in the livingroom corner, in the sock tote.

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