Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Antics

It's been busy and to top it off the stomach bug hit a few more of us, me included. I HAD to go to the 4th of July/Halloween party that a guy at Tom's shop threw on Saturday. I tried to keep to myself (easy to do when you know hardly anyone). Why I had to go was because Tom was on call and had to take his work truck. If he was called into work there'd be no adults with the kids, not a good situation. I don't think J and K would relish the idea of watching so many kids they hardly knew during their huge shindig.

The party was unbelieveable! K went all out for the kids, they came home LOADED with presents and treats! I don't know what she would have done if we hadn't gone since our kids were the majority of all the kids (except older teens...there were a decent size group of those there). Everytime they turned around the kids were opening something (yes, she wrapped them all!) They even went trick or treatin'. She had adults stationed at popups, sheds, screenhouses, etc. The kids had to run around the yard and visit all the places for treats. It was neat. We didn't stay for the fireworks though :o(. The mosquitos were REALLY bad out, Michelle had been in the van resting for a while (she didn't feel so hot either...was finishing it up), and we found out AFTER we got there that Val's friend, J had to be home by 9pm!

It was a good thing we left because on the way home I really did feel lousy. I think a bit of it had to do with not eating so great and my sugar being on the verge of being too low all day. I do have to admit it was pregnancy stuff...backache, BH contrax, etc. We got home about 9:15...I walked in the front door, unzipped my skirt on the way to my bedroom, kicked it off once I got in there and fell into bed for a rest. I ended up staying there all night. This means I never did my nighttime meds/insulin...oops. Although with my sugar being so low all day it might have been a good thing to avoid. At least I didn't wake up with my sugar skyhigh.

Saturday was a slooooow day since I was still feeling sluggish and a bit achey. I would do something and then go lay down for a few minutes. I finally managed to get us out the door to go to my uncle's cookout around 3:30 or 4. I had already told everyone we wouldn't be there until later as I didn't think I could do all day AND night. We DID want to stay for the fireworks this time. He lives on the lake and EVERYONE along the lake has HUGE bonfires and tries to outdo each other's fireworks. I'm not sure when it happened but I felt really good all night!

A lot of my relatives didn't know that I was expecting. The last time I'd seen them was Christmas, just before I found out I was pg. SURPRISE! LOL I heard ONE bad comment and it wasn't even to my face so to speak. As I was walking up toward the house to use the bathroom one of my cousins (who is #3 of 7 kids btw and as a kid I used to hang out/spend the night with the most) scoffed under her breath and laughed...Oh shit! I ignored her.

Something happened to cause a rift between us. Although I'm not sure what it was I think I have a good idea what it is....SHE'S JEALOUS!!! I think she has/had a crush on Tom, at least when I first started going out with him. She'd always make comments about how he looked and such. After we became engaged she stopped talking to me without being made to. (and I so do love to force her to talk to me lol) When I was VERY pg with Michelle....#3! She told me....Tell Tom to put a cork in it! and walked away. I can only feel sorry for her. She's divorced with a 12yo girl the same age as Luke (they were always buddies at family things...but I think age made that a no go this year lol)

My dad's youngest sister (who tends to be sarcastic...gee think it's a family trait? lol) looked at me and said...KIM!! WHAT are you doing!?!?! I looked at her, threw my hands out to the side, shrugged my shoulders with a dumbfounded look on my face and said...I DON'T KNOW!!!! She asked whether I was going back to school or not now. I told her it was on hold. We then had a nice conversation about how things can take an unexpected turn and it be for the better.

Where my uncle is the bay is very shallow for a looong time. So there's not tons of swimming, mostly wading and sitting in the water. My sister and I had a nice time sitting on the dock and talking while the kids were out. There was tons of food and I think I did ok, although I cheated, but not too bad. The fireworks were great and we went home....without Jake's sneaks, right after they were done. Yep, Jake lost his sneakers at my uncle's house. I had everything in one place so it would be easy to find in the dark. Everything it seems but Jake's sneaks. We searched the yard with a flashlight before left and still didn't find them. I haven't called my uncle to see if he found them. I'll just buy him a cheap substitute for the summer since it'll cost us that much in gas money to go pick them up (lives about 60miles away).

Sunday I wasn't feeling so hot again. I'm not sure why. I felt great when I woke up but as the day wore on my stomach started getting upset again. We spent most of it sitting around and watching each other play video games. What a bunch of bums! I told them to all get their playing in then because there would be no playing on Tuesday...it's a work day!

And on that note I need to get off here. It's just past the 10am deadline I gave everyone last night. I told them they had until 10 to get up, eat and get ready to work. I think there's a few stragglers down the hall still (older kids...surprise!)

I've had a few requests to explain about Carrie's medical situation. I love sharing her story and will as soon as I get a few extra minutes. I'm not sure when it'll be though because I'm swamped the next two weeks with dr, dentist appts and grad party prep. 10 days until the party! I think I'm starting to stress out a little about it. But not too bad. I work best under pressure anyways...so it's a good thing. LOL

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