Friday, July 22, 2005

Late Update...

Val has a kidney infection and is on an antibiotic. At least that's what Tom THINKS the dr said. She seems to be feeling a lot better already. I guess the tylenol PM (with benedryl) knocked her for a loop most of the day. She was reluctant to take them last night. I assured her the effects would be gone by the time she woke up in the morning, and it seems to have.

I didn't do too good about making sure I was covered foodwise while out yesterday. I had my cleaning at the beginning of the appt and sat the rest of the time. We were in the office almost 3hrs and by the time Liz (last of the kids to be worked on) was called in I could feel my sugar was low. I tested and found myself at a 41. I ate 3 glucose tablets and got up to a 78.

As soon as Liz was done we headed to McDonald's for something to eat. I decided since I was so low to start with that french fries would be ok instead of a salad to go with my fish sandwich. I miss french fries! I ate too many and knew it. We stopped by my parent's house and while there I a 170 again! GRRRRR! I tested an hour later (so 2hrs after eating) and was a 95 so that was better. After dinner I was good at an 80 (1.5hrs after eating). Caloriewise I only hit 1,863. I fell quite a bit short on my protein.

My bloodpressure is slowly starting to increase. Lately it's consistantly been around the 136/82 range. I'm really hoping my OB will NOT agree with the peri on the HCTZ being dropped. It was the main thing that kept my pressure under control when I wasn't pg.

Today looks to be cooler with tomorrow even cooler yet! :o) I'm hoping to put a dent into the laundry and laundryroom. Maybe if I get some semblence of order in there Tom can find some space to work on my dryer and fix it! The clotheslines is working ok as long as I have someone around here to help me. I can't carry the heavy baskets up the stairs (which is VERY aggravating...never had this happen before). We tend to get more and more behind though because of the limited clotheline space.

I may just ditch working altogether though. I started reading the newest Harry Potter book to Luke on Wed and we're both itching to get back into it. I said we had to do some work first but it's not happening any too fast and reading time is awasting'!

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Christi said...

Hi Kim,
Jessica is almost done with the New Harry Potter and I just started it last night. I stalk you here dailey, did I say stalk I mean lurk, no, not lurk, well I just love reading about what is happening with your family. You take care.