Friday, July 01, 2005

Home for the evening....

Carrie's clinic appointment went well. Her NP was glad to see her come down a little on the weight percentile chart. She also came down on the growth chart though. We're hoping it's a prepubscent slowdown in growth and not a trend. She's coming into the main timeframe where being short on growth hormones would affect her. I asked a lot of questions about puberty. When she's 12 they'll be testing her hormone levels so it's a tad early right now. Her NP seems to think there's a possiblity of everything being fine. (even having healthy eggs!?) Boston on the other hand has always made it seem that there is NO chance of her hitting puberty without hormone therapy. Healthy eggs would be unheard of. Her next appt with them is 6mos and for the first time we may be skipping the bloodwork portion of the visit! She said unless something funky shows up with this appt's bloodwork or during the next physical we won't do it.

Everyone was shocked that I was pg again. K, one of the longtime nurses there kinda put me on edge with her reaction. Those pg hormones were trying to switch into crybaby mode pretty quickly. She was all laughing and you've got to be kidding me type of thing. Like I was a clueless dolt. She did come up and ask how I was doing and talk with me about the pg a bit more. So it might have just been MY perception of it. Carrie's NP didn't say anything until after I answered her...any big changes in the house lately? With...we're going to have a new baby in the house in 8 more weeks. She said she THOUGHT I was walking like I was pg but she wasn't sure if I was. She was afraid of saying something and being wrong so kept quiet. LOL I know I was a bit overweight but not THAT bad! I tried to think of it as I look better now then I did last time I saw her so she was confused. ;o) At least she was excited for us. If nothing else I gave them something to talk about for the day.

We left the dr's and went to visit my parents. My dad seems to be doing well. He's free of oxygen and is out in his garden a lot more (no major work from him though..he's being a good boy). We talked a bit about his diabetes since he just had another appointment with the nutritionist. He's still pretty clueless about things, and it's not so pressing for him that he understand it. It's frustrating at times to talk to him.

We then ran to the dollar store where I bought some accessories for our costumes for Sat's party. It's been decided....

Olivia....a princess dressed in all purple, complete with purple jewlery and a tiny tiara.
Eileen....a beach girl with her tshirt bathing suit, a swim ring around her waist, snorkle, mask and flipper set.
Jacob.....Western Sheriff complete with lone ranger mask, badge, gun, bullets (can't be shot out of gun though) and spurs
Carrie....a cheerleader with pleated jean skirt, pompoms, megaphone and hair ribbons.
Luke......FBI/present day sheriff with sunglasses, badge, gun, handcuffs
Me........a bug...HUGE sunglasses for eyes, headband with puff antenaes, wings and a bug net.

Left to decide before noon on Saturday....Liz, Val, Michelle, Pat, Drew and Tom. I'm not sure if Pat and Drew are going though.

Last stop was the grocery store for a quick run through. I bought 20-25lbs of chicken thighs to make up BBQ pulled chicken for the grad party. If I change my mind before the 16th, we'll put it to use eventually. I kicked myself when leaving the store though...I forgot to get some important rainchecks. I didn't feel I could go back in and wait for them though because I had a 35+min ride with popsicles and ice cream getting soft.

Somehow the well was run dry overnight. I checked it last evening and it was at a fairly high level. Before I left for the dr's it was sputtering and spurting. I'm thinking someone might have forgotten to check the toilet that likes to run before they went to bed. I had to have Michelle turn off the well in the basement that's used to pump water through the house. So they had to function without running water for the day. Luckily they had bottled drinking water to use. It's so irritating to think that you've got the system down. I was sure we could keep the house supplied AND feed the pool (it's about a third filled). Guess not! Grrrrr!

When I called to check on things this afternoon, Val assured me that Eileen and Olivia had arrived home safely from berry hunting. She then told me they brought home a bucket of smooshed berries that they aren't sharing. When I asked where the berries were, Val turned to Eileen and asked her..."where is the bucket of berries". Eileen's response...."You're NOT getting any!!!" End of story. LOL I still haven't seen them myself. I'm hoping they are history and not fermenting up in their bed or some other interesting place. So much for kids from TOK families learning/knowing how to share. ;o)


Jasmyn said...

Maybe I missed it before but what's "wrong" with Carrie that she has to have these appts?
Is there a blog where you already explanined this and I missed it -- just point me too it. :)

Bernadette said...

Sending my best wishes for Carrie and the remainder of your expectancy! You seem so cheerful! People can be rude--if they only knew how blessed you are!!