Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Oh my aching sciatica!!!

My buttocks and hips do NOT like laying on a u/s table! When it was time for me to get up off the table after my u/s today they were SCREAMING! I'm not looking forward to that part of this pregnancy. So what did the 31wk u/s show?

* The baby is still a girl
* She weighs about 4.75lbs now (2200grams)...big but not TOO big
* All body parts and organs accounted for and looking fine
* Amniotic fluid levels are AOK
* She's lying transverse!

PLEASE people, let me know it's no big deal that she's sideways this far along. I know with Luke he turned out of the breech position at 39wks. Thing is...I don't have a ton of amniotic fluid like I did with him (had polyhydraminos) so Luke had tons of room to turn. I am NOT going to make it that far into this pregnancy, since I'll be induced at or before 38wks. Why does it seem more impossible to me for her to turn 90 degrees (I don't care WHICH way the turn is at this time...just as long as she does) then it did for Luke to turn 180 degrees?

The regular appt stuff was good. I gained back 3 more pounds so I'm back to my first appt weight of 214. Not really what I wanted to see or hear but I can't complain. My blood pressure finally registered at a half way decent pressure for them. 126/76...that's the low end of what I've been getting at home. He didn't mention anything about it so I'll take that as it's fine. Even if it's higher then I've been reading at their office.

We talked about my insulin and he was surprised I was down to 20units on my own. He attributed the lower needs to the fact that I must be eating better then earlier weeks.! (and I told him that too) I've been eating lousy actually. Mostly to avoid coming near a low. I'm still staying under the 140 at 1hr after meals level though. I think the fact that I gained so much in the last week would prove that I'm not eating smartly. I AM going to do better this week....I mean it!

He mentioned the peri center visit and acted as though it was a slight waste of time. He said they'll say...tons of biophysical profiles (BPP). Basically what he was planning on doing. I asked him what his schedule is for pg diabetics in the last trimester. He said we've already started the BPPs and they'd be done almost every week now. The non-stress tests(NST) won't start until the 36th week. This surprised me because I've always started them about now. He explained that he's found a lot of false nonreactive NSTs when done before 36wks, mostly due to fetal immaturity. I've had that happen and could see that. It's a lot easier to get a good strip in the later weeks then the earlier ones. I'm heading back into his office in a week.

I'm feeling a bit more relaxed about the grad party now. I got on the phone this morning and cancelled ALL my appts from now until the 18th. I don't have to go into the big city on Fri, Mon, next Wed or Fri! :oD The only appt I have is my OB appt next Wed. I realized after I rescheduled Carrie's appt this Friday that I have to REMAKE it again. lol I rescheduled it for the middle of our church's summer conference. At least it's not imperative that it be done anytime soon...just that it gets done. The peri center just called me back to reschedule my appt. It seems I'll be paying for my cancelations during the week of the 18th since I have appointments every day but Friday that week! LOL Oh well, maybe I can reschedule one of the other appts for Friday to fill it up. ;o)

Yesterday was a good day work wise. I just wish it didn't look undone so quickly! I even got out and weeded 2 flower beds last night. I finally made the kids their raspberry cobbler this morning before I left. They've only been waiting Monday night for it. LOL Tonight I have to make up and freeze a bunch of meatballs from the burger I bought at Walmart today.

The pool is coming along SLOOOOOOWLY! The water level is about 6 inches below the skimmer now. We'll have to divert the supply well to the house well tonight but at least it's getting SOME water. I'm hoping we can start running the filter by the start of next week. The water was a swampy green until Tom threw in some diluted shock treatment last night. Now it's a sickly gray. It's a repeat of the pool saga of 2004. *heavy sigh*

Tom took today off. He got bit under his eye by something the other day and it was almost swollen shut this morning. He has to work Thurs and Fri and then is off until the 18th! :o) I can't say it's much of a vacation since he'll be working toward getting ready for the party mostly. It'll still be good to have him home.

Well time to get something done around here.

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