Friday, June 30, 2006

All it took was a phone call

My mom called me this morning. She wanted me to settle a discussion they were having (dad, mom and grandma). The burning question was...Would you nurse in a store? Without hesitation I answered...yeah! I do it all the time. My mom was deflated. "You just tarnished your image with me."

It seems they were discussing an article in today's paper about a breastfeeding incident at a Victoria's Secret store. My mom claimed I wouldn't go into a store to nurse. I'd either go out to the van or find a secluded bench to nurse at. My dad claimed I'd nurse whereever I was....he won. lol

I asked her why she thought I'd take all the kids out to the van to nurse and then lug them back in again? She swears I interrupted a trip we took to Sam's Club to go out to the van to nurse...returning to finish when I was done. I don't remember it and have NO idea why I wouldn't have just gone over the cafe area to sit and nurse. But oh well.

I then asked her how sitting on a bench in the middle of the mall could be more discreet then sitting/standing in a store to nurse? While sitting on a bench every and anyone would pass me by. A few weeks ago while at Hollister's with the girls I sat on their couch and nursed Danielle...MAYBE 10 people walked by. They were all of the female persuasion.

After reading the article online I now know why she laughed when I mentioned my refusal to nurse in the bathroom. The article had the same sentiment....I wouldn't eat in the bathroom, why would I feed my baby in there?

I then tarnished my image even moreso by confessing to nursing while walking around the grocery store and shoe shopping at walmart in the middle of school shopping madness. All while not caring what anyone around me thought.

The final question was....would you go to a nurse-in and nurse? No, I can't says that I would. I'm not the militant type. I heard her breathe a small sigh of relief. I think I might have saved a bit of my image with that. lol


ma said...

I think the big difference between her and us is that she chose to go into the store to nurse. We'd nurse in a store but only because we are already there.

Maybe you headed to a bench but your mom thought you meant van bench? ;-)

I might go to a nurse in. I think it would be fun like a LLL meeting.

Happy Canada Day!

Jody said...

Oh my! My mom still asks me every time I talk on the phone if Mia is still nursing. At almost 26 months, she is, and my mom loves it, which surprises me. She said she wishes she had nursed my brother, sister and I.

Mia rides in a sling, so when she was little, I just nursed her as I shopping, walking the mall, or shopping with friends for antiques. I think it freaked my friends out, but they couldnt see a thing, so I am not sure why it bothered them. Sigh.

I am impressed that the woman tried to seek out a dressing room. I tend to find a bench and cover with a blanket or the sling.