Monday, March 16, 2009

And here we are again

Yep, bright eye and bushy tail at 3:13 again. I tossed and turned, knowing I had a quite a few hours left for sleep. It wasn't coming. Then I heard footsteps and figured someone was heading to the potty. But those footsteps were coming from the living room and had shoes on? HUH? It can't be Billy. So I decided I had to risk waking Sean up and get up to see who it was. It was Drew! He stopped by to drop off some treats on his way home from work. PHEW! I "yelled" at him for freaking me out a bit. We talked for about 20mins and then he headed home and to his bed. Me, I sat here and had 2 much for eating healthier.

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Sunny and warm! Being outside I couldn't help thinking...Billy would've loved this day. Sean was loving it. I had all I could do to make sure he didn't get out unsupervised (he can reach and work the storm door latch...yeah me!) He knows there's a whole new world out there and he wants it! Tom got Billy's backhoe going and was practicing with it. Sean being the boy that he is wanted ON! And Tom obliged.


Things are moving fast around here. Sometimes I wonder if it's a bit too fast. Our neighbor has been giving Tom a hand here and there and helping him get things in order outside. Tonight some scrappers came and they moved one of Billy's trucks near the road. I asked Tom to tell them they weren't allowed on the property without Tom here. I'm afraid they'll come and arbitrarily take whatever is laying around, whether Tom wants it scrapped or not. I can't go out there and watch them. Tom told them to wait until Saturday to finish getting the truck. PHEW!

All the kids had major projects that were due last week and didn't get done. Needless to say the computers and printer were BUSY this weekend. Carrie had to make a poster on Monaco, Jake had his two Egypt projects, Luke a powerpoint on the planets, Liz a research paper on lowering the drinking age back to 18. We really could've used my laptop to be up and running. It was like only having one bathroom. Me reminding them to hurry up, get your work done and get off. No fooling around. I hate playing traffic controller.

I can now hear the first trip bus pulling up. (I had to take a break here and get Sean back to sleep) Everyone's on who's suppose to be on, except Liz...she has a headache and is going in late with Olivia. Tom went to work. With the switch to daylight savings time his shop switches to summer hours. That means his starting time moves from 7:30 to 7. Which makes the morning bathroom routine a bit less stressful. His quitting time goes from 4 to 3:30. If he were to leave work immediately after getting out, he'd be home before the 2nd trip bus kids arrived home. He doesn't though, he usually has some last minute things to do and works out for an hour or so. I don't makes for nice eyecandy...the man is looking FINE!

Well need to go wake Liz and Olivia so they can get ready for school. Although quiet now is pretty delicious.

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