Saturday, March 21, 2009

It turned into a decent day

After the few days of nice weather we've had, I thought the chilly temperatures would be unbearable. It was actually very pleasant out today, thanks to tons of sunshine.

I didn't get too much done in the main area of the house today. This morning though I worked like a dog in the basement and now I'm paying for it. The dust and mildew do a number on me...I've gotten stuffed up and my chest feels slightly achy. It's worth it though. I've gotten a decent size area cleared and I have a huge steel desk sitting at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for a trip up. We have scrappers coming to take a bunch of stuff off the property and I want to have them take the desk too. Tom's going to ask them about taking the freezer tomorrow.

Today started off with a rough start. I thought getting rid of all the "junk" on the property wasn't bothering me. But when Tom mentioned maybe having Billy's trailer gone by this weekend, I lost it. I think mostly I'm upset for Tom. For the work he's had to do and how emotional it has to be for him to go through Billy's things. Trying to decide what goes and what stays, what to do with what's staying or who to give it to. I just don't want Tom to be rushed. To do something he's not ready to do, just for the sake of the scrappers convenience.

Yesterday I had one of those I forgot moments. I was fooling around with the kids and declared that "the chickens don't need no stinkin man!" inorder to lay eggs. I thought Billy was in the kitchen and had started to make a sarcastic comment about it. Then I realized it was just someone starting to talk on the tv. :o(

The good thing is, Tom has his siblings. His brothers Bob and Casey came over and started going through the trailer. They put a pretty good dent in things. Tom had the luxury of staying out of it as much as he wanted and was puttering around the yard. After picking up Michelle from work I snuck out the back door and joined them and had a few beers. I forgot I was going to go to the laundromat. Oh well, I guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm just not sure if there are clean clothes for church tomorrow.

Oh I "fixed" the phone. One of the kids pointed out that the cordless phone base wasn't playing the messages on the answering machine. I decided to plug in and try the corded phone and waaaaalaaaa! it worked! So I guess I'll have to add a new cordless phone to the looong list of things we need.

Last night I had to meet my sister in a nearby town. Sean, Danielle and I got home shortly after 8pm. Sean and Danielle were really tired so I suggested we go lay down. They went out quickly and so did I! I didn't sleep the whole time but I slept a lot longer then I normally do. Guess I needed it. Hard to understand then why I'm tired again already.

Sean is crying and wants some attention. Need to go.

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