Monday, March 23, 2009

Made it to the laundromat

And I'm now $85 poorer. Yep, it cost me EIGHTY-FIVE dollars to do the laundry I brought. It took Michelle and I 5 hrs to get it all done. I wanted to take a picture of it all in the back of the van (the seats were out for junk day yesterday) but I was late running out the door to get Michelle from work. I've been trying to unwind from the job for an hour now and it's not working. I HAVE to be up in THREE hours!!! I can't even blame it on caffeine tonight.

I wouldn't mind doing the job so much IF it meant all the clothes were done. Problem is, it's only a dent. I now have to go upstairs and go through the little girls' dressers before they can put away their clean clothes. I have to go into the basement and clean up the laundryroom floor and such so that Tom can get to the dryer to work on it. I have to clean my room which has tons of unused clothing in it. And I'm not even thinking about the bedding!

Today was a very busy day around here. I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned off some counters again. Then the stove, microwave and the dishwasher. That meant the front of the fridge looked bad so I hit that. Which made the cabinet doors look gross so it was onto that. Suddenly the edges of the kitchen floor looked really bad so I thought I'd just get the really dirty part. Yeah right, next thing I know I've got 3/4 of the kitchen floor done and I'm working on the livingroom...hitting a few walls as I went by.

The scrappers came today and unbeknown to me they yanked Billy's trailer out. The original plan was for that to be taken out last, probably next week or the following. I guess Bob and Tom got all the things out they wanted and told them it was ok to take it. I looked out back and saw it where it wasn't suppose to be and lost it. I don't know's a stupid aluminum's not him! I felt so bad losing it in front of Tom. I felt bad because I think I helped him come unglued a bit too...I wasn't helping! Danielle had a few ideas of what we could do with the trailer. Let's just say it's amazing how a 3yo's mind can work things out. So now our yard is open and clutter free and BORING! I know Tom has plans for it. I do too. I just wish things were different, but they can't be.

I was driving Michelle to work as they were prepping Billy's trailer to be towed. They were gone when I got back home. This gave Tom and Drew a chance to get the huge steel desk out of the only involved removing the cellar door, some moulding on the door jam, and smashing the handles off the desk drawers. I have NO idea how we got it down there to begin with. I looked at my kitchen floor when they were done and thought....WHY did I even bother? It looked horrible! And of course after dinner, everything I did earlier had to be redone tonight. lol

I made dinner, visited with my sister for a bit (she was dropping Carrie and Liz home) and then headed into the basement. I sorted the laundry that was down there and then hit the laundry room floor a bit. There's still a good amount to go but I found a lot of good clothes, especially socks and underwear.

Which leads us back to the beginning of the story with me taking a shower and not being able to take a picture of the van full of laundry because I'm late getting Michelle from work.


Anonymous said...

I often come by and never leave a comment! So I will leave one today. I enjoy your blog a lot and it is nice to know that a lot of moms struggle with the same things! I too will spend a day getting so much done only to see that it has been undone behind me. I guess that is life with children, and I only have two to battle with :)

I am sorry for the loss of your brother in law. It is really hard to lose the people we love so dearly.

Take care


Denise said...

That is a LOT of quarters!!! Glad you were able to put a dent in your laundry & I hope you get your septic & machines cooperating so you don't have to do it again anytime soon. It's been years since I've been to the laundromat.

We have way too many unused clothes laying around waiting for me to DO something with them too. Most of it is stuff that should fit somebody eventually or is out of season at the moment.

((Hugs)) on Billy's trailer, I can imagine how difficult & final it seems having it gone.

Lisa said...

Oh, and $85!!!!! Oh my.