Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Thank you for the birthday wishes Joanne. And you were the first. :oD

It's the last of the March birthdays. I turn 44 at 8:45 or 8:48 tonight...I forget. (my sister is one time and I'm another...we're exactly 14mos and 3 minutes apart). I feel like a manic hormonal freak right now...flying between a ton of emotions...most of them resulting in me breaking out into tears. I'm missing Billy and also feeling extremely blessed. I mean who wouldn't feel loved watching this group make your birthday cake...



It's a good thing I just finished washing the floor. lol

It's been a busy week although I did manage to shut down for a whole day midweek. I did the bare minimum (sent kids to school and fixed dinner) the rest of the day I sat online and browsed crochet blogs and patterns...ohhh'ing and ahhh'ing over projects I'd like to do and maybe even finish. lol I have some ideas for Christmas presents that are unique. I haven't worked on anything since Tuesday morning. I'm hoping to work on the yellow blanket after I get home from picking up Michelle from work.

Tom and I had a very rare opportunity last night. All the kids were gone except Sean and Danielle. I got them both to bed at a decent time...woohooo an evening to ourselves! Tom came in and reheated some dinner. He'd barely finished eating when his cell phone rang...he had to go into work. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I don't think we managed to say two words to each other before he was back out the door. Oh well, I had come down with a horrible headache anyways. I ended up in bed with a crying Sean by 11 and fell asleep.

Michelle and Drew want to send us away for the night for my birthday. They would've tried to do it this weekend except that Tom was on call. They're talking about next weekend. While I'd LOVE a night alone with Tom I'm not jumping at the chance to do it. The logistics are mindnumbing. I'm not sure what's on the calendar for next weekend. How will Michelle get to work? Who will watch the kids? What about Sean? He was to the point of barfing when I went to do laundry, how will he be for a night or two? Where would we go? I don't really want them spending that amount of money on me. I'd rather they saved it.

Yesterday was a glorious day! We spent a lot of it outside. We've been having problems with a few roosters trying to show dominance over the kids. We finally got to the point where they had to stay in their yard, so Tom closed them up on Friday night. Unfortunately there were some breaches in the fence we weren't aware of. Stupid me had a false sense of security due to the fence and allowed Sean to stay in the backyard while I worked on the van in the front. Tom was on the side of the house. I heard a noise which I thought was Sean crying. Tom said it was a rooster squawking. I immediately heard Tom yelling some obscenities and running. I jumped out of the van and ran into the backyard. Tom was chasing the rooster and Sean was sitting on the ground crying. It seems the rooster had jumped onto Sean's back. Luckily he wasn't harmed. I think it's cemented in Tom's mind that we don't need roosters. I'd like to keep the less aggressive ones. The idea was to raise chicks for meat, making the cost of the chickens/eggs more economical.

Well, I need to shower and get ready to pick up Michelle from work. I think we'll run to the store quickly. I'd like to stop at the dollar store and see if they got in any new yarn. :o) Then it's home to make pizzas. I think all the kids will be here for dinner.


Thia said...

I know it has been so hard lately, so I won't wish you a happy birthday, but a blessed birthday. Sending hugs as my present. Allow me to cover two posts with one comment and say that your work is beautiful. I love the colors in that first blanket!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Kim!! I just LOVE the picture of the babies making your birthday cake.

noelle said...

Sounds like Drew and Michelle want to give back to the parents who have given them so very should let them do something for you. Sean will be OK. Isn't it funny how when our babies don't get displaced by a new sibling they stay the baby for so long? My little guy is almost 3 1/2 and is still the baby! Never had such a big baby! lol

NannyOgg said...

Happy birthday, dear friend.

I am finally catching up on some blogs (instead of doing many many other things, of course ^^) and I want to send you belated birthday wishes and big {{{ HUGS }}} for all that have been going on for you.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Kim (ok I'm late, what's new?)