Thursday, March 19, 2009

And the week goes on

We're trucking along, trying to get back into a normal routine here. It's not been easy. The kids are exhausted and having a hard time getting up in the morning. I have to wonder if they're having problems sleeping too. Quite a few of them have been tardy way too many days lately. Olivia has gone to school only one day this week and even then it was under the threat of tears. :o( Luke's being his normal quiet self but seems to not feel good most mornings. I don't know if he physically doesn't feel well or if it's a way to avoid seeing his classmates. Either way, I've been encouraging him to work through it and get moving. He's doing a better job about it. I really wish I could get him to talk! Jake and I have had a few good conversations, including some about classmates and some rude comments or questions. I tried to explain to him that they probably didn't intend for it to be like that. We all have a morbid curiosity about these things. Add to that their immaturity and also their inexperience with death, especially under these terms and you have a "rude" kid. I have to say he seems to be handling them well. Liz on the other hand...not so well. I think coming from older kids who should know better and probably do makes that much more difficult. Especially for someone where injustice is seen as a MAJOR offense. It's a real chore for her to go to school each day. With everything going on and then the tease of really nice weather...I want summer vacation to be here NOW!!!!

Things are a mess here! I went on a much needed grocery shopping trip last night so there are bags of groceries around here. I haven't been in the kitchen in a day or so and it's showing. It doesn't help that the meeses have decided they like it here again. Well can't say again, since they've always been here but we've been lax about trying to get them and it shows. Relax for 2 secs and they take advantage of it...sounds like the kids! ;o) So I need to get in there, tear it apart and bleach everything down...this is getting OLD!

Hopefully with our drive to declutter and organize things here this problem will finally be taken care of. It's a week before my birthday and as usual I've requested a clean house and especially a clean bedroom. Only I can give myself the clean bedroom, but the rest...the kids can have at it! Michelle has the next two days off...YEAH!!!!! I think she's planning on getting cracking on things. Her and I have been begging Tom to rent a dumpster, even a small one so we can do a mass cleaning of the basement in a weekend. Otherwise it'll take weeks of huge trash day loads to the dump to get rid of it. Tom isn't so keen on putting out the money for it right now. I also think he has to finish taking care of the outside things before he can start thinking about in the house stuff. All of it at once is too overwhelming for him.

So today it's...put groceries away, tear apart and bleach the counters, get the laundry ready for the laundromat, and clean the bathrooms. I've already done most of the groceries and hung up a much needed new shower curtain in the small bathroom. I'll change my clothes and hit the dishes and kitchen counters next.

It wouldn't be too shabby if I could manage some seat time to work on my crafts too. Yesterday I started crocheting a cotton hooded wrap. I think it'll go fast since I have the pattern down now. Well that is if I manage to buy more thread/yarn like I know I'm going to need. Luckily it's just a stop at the dollar store, I think a stop at a craft store would be disasterous for me. I look at the JoAnn's ad and drool. I just want to walk amongst the bolts and run my hands over all the textures and colors. Of course I know myself and keeping it to just that and not buying anything wouldn't happen. So the more I stay out of those places, the better. Although I did "cheat" last night and bought myself 3 new crochet hooks. :o) I had to fight myself from picking up a cone of sugar and cream though. Maybe I'll start posting pics and updates on my projects. Then again maybe I won't, they might be Christmas gifts for people who lurk here. lol

Guess I better get off my fanny if I'm going to do everything I have planned.

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Denise said...

I am shocked that your kids are being treated that way at school. Your whole family is in our prayers.