Friday, March 06, 2009

One thing crossed off my list,

100 more added on. Or at least it feels like it at times. Tom took today off, not for a fun day but to run errands. First was to school to pick up Liz and then to the bank to get her visa papers notarized. We forgot to bring in her passport so they could verify her photocopy of it. So back home and then Tom headed back to the bank again. He mailed off all the papers, now she waits. Well and purchases tickets...but we're not sure of the exact dates yet so that makes things difficult. Not to mention there are a few girls she's coordinating things with too.

Tom had to head down to the social security office again. We were down there a few months ago to get replacement cards for the two of us. I managed to misplace the envelope with his replacement card before I could even give it to him. I think I left it in the car and someone threw it away in a mass car cleaning fit. We NEED that card so we can get on with last year's state audit of our tax refund. I'm guessing they didn't think we could possibly have as many deductions as we therefore want us to prove it. It's the only major thing that contributes to our refund. Sure will be nice to have that in our bank account finally. Just hope it doesn't take forever and a day for them to finish the audit. Oh well, we've waited this long, what's a few more months right?

On Monday we celebrated Luke's 16th birthday. He asked for pizza or chinese and I decided to have both! lol We ordered a few trays of take out chinese and made some frozen pizzas along with a few homemade. We had enough pizza for all day the next day lol. It was a low key celebration but all the kids were here. It never occurred to me until a few days later...We should've taken a family picture!!! RATS! Oh well, hopefully it'll dawn on me next time. With Liz leaving soon, times running out on us. We gave him Orange Box for the 360, a bag of peanut M&M's, and a 12pk of blue frost Gatorade. Everyone seemed to be on the same wavelength in terms of presents. Mostly energy drinks, sodas, lunchables, candy and the like. I think with him being quiet and easy to please, it was hard to have specific ideas of what to buy him. The fact is that he liked everything he got and enjoyed it, and that's all that matters. I am hoping to take him and his friends out for some fun one of these days/nights...maybe during spring break. I was thinking along the lines of laser tag/paint ball or bowling. I know he'd be just as happy sitting around playing Xbox with everyone, so maybe an Xbox party instead.

Today is Olivia's 9th birthday! Another low key celebration for now. She requested tacos which is easy enough to accommodate. She has activity club tonight so I bought her a box of rice krispie treats to bring. Actually I bought them for church AND school but she asked to stay home for her birthday, so I let her. Not sure if she'll want to do something for her birthday on Monday or not. We got her a huge bag of lemons (she asked for them!), a build a bear set and Tom's trying to find some webkinz trading cards. I do have a few lil kinz in my drawer I can opt in for the cards if he doesn't find them.

Val's 19th birthday is monday and she hasn't decide what she wants for her dinner yet. I'm waiting for her to say crab legs and I'd be thrilled if she did. (I've been wanting some myself) Although my wallet would scream at the thought. She mentioned having a few friends over Saturday night but I'm not sure how that's working out. It's a good thing I'm a fly by the seat of my pants type of person. Although if I wasn't, my kids probably wouldn't be either and these things would've been worked out months ago! lol

Carrie had a TODAY study appt yesterday. She went from 18% compliance, to 65%! Go Carrie! If she hadn't forgotten to pack her meds on the weekends to my sister's and then to Connecticut, she'd have been in the 85% area. The good news, her blood pressure was better. (she's taking blood pressure meds too) For some reason though her fasting glucose numbers are creeping up. So not sure what they're going to do about that.

I talked to Pat today, he had an interview this morning and another this evening. Hopefully he'll be calling to say he's hired! Michelle has today off, no driving for me! I have to laugh though because as much as I WANT to stay home, I'm still finding myself thinking of places to go.

Well, this has taken long enough to get published. Need to get some things done around here now that I'm home for the day.

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noelle said...

We have birthdays clumped like that too. Hard on the wallet, but so fun to do so much all at the same time!