Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well that's not how it's suppose to go

I finally ended up crawling into bed with a crying Sean and falling asleep on Monday morning. Unfortunately Tom didn't make sure I was awake when he left so I kept on sleeping. I woke, saw how bright it was outside and jumped out of bed in a panic. Checking the clock I realized the first trip kids only had 10 mins until the bus was here, so I went back to bed. :o) I figured there wasn't much sense to waking them, stressing them out and still having them miss the bus...so they'd all take the second trip bus in. Let them complain if they want. After I jumped back in bed I didn't trust myself to not fall back into a deep sleep so got up.

Waking the kids brought out the fact that Sean had been horrible while I was at the laundromat. He was cried to the point of almost barfing before Liz could manage to calm him down a bit by walking on the treadmill while holding him. I guess she kept him distracted by watching March of the Penguins on PBS. Needless to say she was too exhausted to go to school. She also had a headache which she's complaining about on and off for a few weeks. I guess we should probably investigate it and find out if she's having migraines....especially before she heads to Norway. Eileen came running out of her room almost in tears. Her destination...the bathroom. I guess she was going to barf. It didn't happen and I didn't notice too much of an upset stomach the rest of the day.

I had all these plans when I woke up. I was going to head upstairs and go through the little girls' dressers, I was going to head downstairs into the basement and work on the laundryroom floor. I was going to clean the fridge. Needless to say I didn't do a stinking thing! Well actually I did but just not work.

Before heading to the laundromat Sunday night Michelle and I stopped at the dollar store. I needed to buy some crochet thread to finish the project I started. I always love to see what new stock they have in. This time I picked up...

*10 skeins of Aunt Lydia's off white Shimmer fashion Fine sport weight yarn which should be more then enough to finish the hooded scarf I'm working on...2oz each
*5 skeins of Mainstay's soft yellow acrylic 4ply worsted...7oz each
*3 skeins (all they had) of Lion's fuchsia Jiffy Mohair Look acrylic...3oz each

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the any of the extras, I just know they were decent colors in good yarn and I wanted them! So I go to put the yarn away after getting the kids on the bus and I noticed the lacy afghan on the cover of the yellow skein...kinda pretty. Hmmmm...Carrie's favorite color is yellow. I wonder how she'd like this afghan? So I took off the label, looked over the instructions and grabbed my size K needle (pattern called for J but oh well...don't have one). And that's what I did for most of the day...sat and started yet another project that'll need to be finished.

The kids came home from school and asked me WHY I like crocheting if it's so frustrating. I asked what they meant, it wasn't frustrating but relaxing. They pointed out that I kept growling everytime I ripped out rows of work so I could fix a mistake. And it seemed with this pattern I was doing it on a regular basis. I never even noticed I was doing it. lol I told them...Novice crocheter + New Pattern = Ripped out stitches. That it'd get better as I got better or paid more attention to what I was doing. I was had crocheted almost one whole skein and had decided I'd go to bed when the skein was done. I guess my body had other plans. I fell asleep on the couch midstitch.

So now I have an almost finished skein taunting me, a livingroom full of clean laundry still needing to be put away, tons of things I want to accomplish around here and very limited time. 8 of us have dentist appts today, starting at 2. That means I have to get us ready and out the door so I can pick up the kids from school at 1. So what do I do for the hour until I have to get ready to leave? Oooooh yaaaarn! ;o)


noelle said...

I love my crocheting and knitting time too. But I can never find enough time to do it.

truth said...

Wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday Kim. Happy Birthday!