Friday, March 20, 2009

A good start

We managed to get a good bit of work done around here yesterday. 2 loads of dishes, 2 out of 3 counters cleared and bleached (although they haven't stayed cleared off), both bathrooms cleaned, laundry sorted and ready for the laundromat. I also managed to make a yummy meal (corned beef, cabbage, mashed potatoes) and have it on the table by 5:45, just as John, Pat and Alex walked in. Oh and I sat and crocheted for a bit too! :o)

Val and John were sweethearts and took a few of the kids to the spring showcase after dinner. There was no way Tom would've gone over there, he had too much to do. I didn't want to drag the little ones there. I also wasn't sure I'd be able to deal with being in public right now. I've been really good lately but there are times when someone being nice and offering condolences can set me off. Not to mention I'm sure there'd have been a few questions asked I'm not up to answering them...even if they are harmless.

I've been planning a trip to the laundromat. Our septic is running slow right now and there's no way it can handle all the laundry I have to do. Plus I figured it would be nice to go and just get it done in a few hours. Problem was, I hadn't managed to get everything ready. Now that things are pretty ready to go...I HAVE to go!!! My dryer stopped spinning last night!!! It might be just a slipped belt but who knows when it'll get worked on. Poor Michelle had just thrown a load in when she discovered it. I had a load of towels in there. If it weren't for the chickens, I'd have hung them outside last night.

The chickens. They've been a big neglected in the last few weeks. I'm hoping to get in there tomorrow and make things right. Their yard is a huge mud pit so we've allowed them to have the run of the yard. It has to stop though. There's chicken dropping all over the place and the roosters are getting aggressive...especially toward Sean and Danielle. No one wants to be outside with them around, even the big kids. So we'll have to work on keeping them in the their yard (maybe getting some mulch or gravel to ease the mud, and we'll probably be getting rid of the roosters.

I have no idea why but my phone is acting up today. We lost internet for most of Wednesday after a huge thunderstorm came through. So I could understand if the phone acted up then, but 2 days later? This has happened before and I have no idea why. Hopefully it'll just start working again in a few hours.

All the kids managed to get on the proper buses and make it to school...on time! It's a first time in quite a while that that's happened. It's slightly ironic since today was originally a day off of school. (staff development day) They took it away due to using too many snow days. I wonder how many kids still took it off?

I think I gave the wrong impression of our community the other day. The rude and immature comments/kids is a minority. Everyone is generally well meaning and supportive. Actually one neighbor told Liz she's been fielding calls from people about what they could do to help us. She told them to call us. lol Today at the high school they are presenting all of Billy's nieces and nephews in the school with their fundraising efforts. I guess they were taking donations for them during lunch and on Tuesday held a hat day. It's a day where the raise funds by allowing kids to wear a hat (normally prohibited in the dress code) for a small fee. It also allows the kids to make an outward show of their support for a cause. Last I knew the proceeds were going to be given to the school's playground fund. It's something that was important to Billy...that kids had fun! It would be nice if I had a working phone so I could see how things went this morning (my SIL was going to attend...last I knew). I guess I better go out the car, get my cell phone and charge it up so I can make contact with the outside world.

For the first time in quite a few weekends, there's nothing planned as of now...that I know of. I'm going to seize on the opportunity and get everyone working on bedrooms. They actually aren't too bad right now, but could use some deep down work, like sorting dressers. I'd love to start fixing up and painting in the little girls' room. They're having a bit of a time deciding what color to do it, one wants blue, another green. I said we'd see what ideas we could find to incorporate both colors...other than an outside theme.

UGH! A stinky boy just tried to sit on my lap. I guess I better go change him. Then I'm getting back to work...more cleaning and finishing last year's Christmas presents.

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Thia said...

That is a very good start. I hope you are able to make the laundry trip soon!