Monday, March 05, 2012

Front row, left to right... Olivia, Liz, Val, Eileen, Carrie and Jake
Back row...... Pat holding Sean, Drew holding Danielle, Luke and Michelle

Just realized I should probably share a semi updated photo of the kids (minus wives and others). This was taken this fall while we were all out apple picking together.

Oh wow! I just realized I never mentioned the kids who aren't living at home.

Drew is starting his 2nd week of being unemployed. The company he worked for is no more. His not sure what he's going to do now. I've told them they could move in here with us if they want/need to. I'd love to have Meghan under foot all the time. She's 1.5yo now and lots of fun. Allison and her spent all week with us last week for ISLAND WEEK! I'll have to post about that in a different post.

Pat and Alex are working their fannies off at the hospital. I think Pat's going to try to get into nursing school this fall. At least that's what I've heard. Now he just needs to get his fanny in gear and do the paperwork! The kid will make a great nurse one day, he's already a pretty good Aide. They got a new puppy Cain to go with Iorek.

Michelle has now been out of the house for a year. It seems like she moved out ages ago. I miss having her fun making self here. She does come by on her days off so she can hang out with Val for the day. As usual it wouldn't have been Island week without her talent and hard work. Her kids (once she has any) are going to have the FUNNEST mom in the whole world! Lucky ducks!

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