Wednesday, March 14, 2012

* YAWN *

I can't stop.  I have no idea why I'm so exhausted today, I went to bed by 11 last night.   My eyes don't want to stay open which is not a good thing when you have to drive in about an hour....Carrie is going to school, Val is going to work.  Liz has today off so I'll only need to drive to the city twice.   Jake and Danielle are home again today.   I think Jake is dealing with sinus stuff which he's never really had before.  Danielle sounds croupy and woke up with a 102.1 fever.   YAYME!  Actually I can't complain, she's pretty self sufficient even with feeling yucky...a little needier in the mom department but that's ok, I'm always up for sitting and snuggling.

It looks like Carrie will have her GED by the end of the month.  She's finishing up the practice test today.  If she passes then she can sit in on the real test when it's given in March (not sure of the date) I was pretty sure that it wouldn't take her long to be test ready but makes all those years in high school she was suppose to do seem a bit of a waste.  Especially when I've got kids who really don't want to go to school when it's so nice out.   Olivia had a hard time going out the door this morning, saying something like...they shouldn't have school when it's so nice out.  lol  I was waiting for her to start asking for me to homeschool her.   I think she'd be the first in line if I started.   This time of the year is so hard for her.  She misses her Uncle Billy so much.   They were best buddies and spent all her free time together.   I've noticed lately she's gotten a lot more quieter.   When I've taken her on car rides with me she's been really hard to keep in conversation.    But insists she's ok and she will too since she's more worried about making things harder for Tom and I.  It's frustrating...I'm almost have to yell/punish her to make her think of  herself first. It also scares the snot out of me because someone like that could really get taken advantage of as an adult.   Although I know they also make some extraordinary people who just want to serve others.

It's hard to concentrate.  Between wanting to go back to bed and having Liz behind me with the music blasting while she does her workout, my brain is pretty backlogged.   So Tom and I have been having unofficial dates lately.   He grabs his coffee and jumps in the car when I head into the city to pick up the girls from school....30 minutes of uninterrupted talk time.  YUM!  I have to laugh though because while I'm enjoying the time we're together, I'm also wishing and thinking we should have a whole weekend.  It won't be happening anytime soon but it's nice to dream about.   Maybe for our anniversary in June (29yrs!)     Monday was my day off.  Both girls had the day off work, I only needed to drive Carrie to school at 11.  So what did I do?  Stay home?  Get housework done?  Nope, I took Sean and we went into the big city for the day.   First I got together with my sister Tracy and brother Brian (there's only the 3 of us) to talk about our parents' 50th wedding anniversary on June 9th.  I can't share too much here since I know my mom reads...HI MOM!  I LOVE YOU!   Let's just say it was an interesting time, especially since Brian and I tend to butt heads something fierce.   The funny thing is the next day Tracy and I came over to Brian's line of thinking.  I called to let him know only to find out,  he had decided we had the better idea!  LOL  So we're still at a divide but a bit closer to coming to a final conclusion.    After Brian went to work I loaded up Sean and my niece Sam (she's a few weeks younger then Sean) and headed to my mom's and dad's.   The plan was for Sam to spend the night...she didn't make it. lol   Brian had to pick her up after he got out of work.    It was so hard for Sean to leave my parents' place.  He wanted to stay the night too.   It wasn't going to happen, especially with Sam, the two of them tend to bicker a lot.  

Oops!   Time to head out the door...Be Back Later

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