Friday, March 23, 2012

So today I had some time to kill

Liz went into work at 5 and Val got out at 6:30.  To save some gas and time I decided to stick around the city between those times.    I had kids begging me to go and if I was a good mom I'd have let a few come and talk my ear off.   Or taken them for a walk along the nature trail at the community college.  But I wasn't and didn't.  I said sorry, I'm being selfish and going alone.  Then I grabbed some crochet things and out the door we went.   Now the question was where do I go to kill the time?   The final decision....the Rite Aid parking lot!   There was tons of shade on the east side of the building so I parked there with all the windows down, enjoying the breeze.  It also helped that I remembered I had a $2 coupon toward anything.  I ran in, picked up a jug of dish detergent, a buy one get one free Arizon Iced Tea  deal (the sweet tea is stupid!  basically just sugar water with a tea bag swished through it) and a buy one get one free candy deal.  What did I choose?   Heath bar and a cherry sparkling Laffy Taffy...yeah I mature.   At least Val really appreciated my second iced tea.

MAN!  What is wrong with people nowadays!?!  I can't tell you how many times I heard the F word while sitting in the parking lot.    I was about to break out the bottle of dish soap and administer it.   Has everyone lost all adjectives except that word?  I swear EVERY car that pulled up on both sides of me had it being thrown around.  And the cigarette smoke.  I don't want to be one of those ex smokers that's intolerant of  present day smokers but....ICK!   It was stuck in my nose and I couldn't get it out.  It felt like what I was crocheting  was going to smell it was so bad.    It made me VERY glad we have a no smoking in the house rule.   Before Carrie had cancer it was how I smelled all the time.   (when the no smoking rule was enacted).   I can't get over the amount of beer I saw going out of that place....and it's only Thursday!   One would think it was Saturday evening.  I won't even talk about the amount of missing teeth.  But  I did see a pretty sweet mullet and it was on a pretty young guy.   Are they coming back?   Oh I can only hope.

Tom's on call this week and his phone just went off.  Guess he's going to have to head into work.  He started bugging me about being up at this hour.  I assured him I'd slept from 10 until 2.   He's always on my case about how I don't get enough sleep.   Then again, he'd sleep 20 hours a day if he could.  I guess he's not the only one with that opinion though since Sean casually mentioned the other come you never sleep?

Oh weird night.  Tom headed out the door and two of my kids ended up waking up and coming out.  One went to back to bed shortly after getting up.  The other asked to use this computer and then started talking.  Talking about things that haven't been talked about in years.  Things that I've always wondered about.  And the best thing....they told me they loved me and appreciated everything I've done.   Words that make a mom's sacrifice totally worth it.

I think I'll end this on that note.  


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Thia said...

4 hours of sleep? Oh my goodness. I can't even think of dealing with that. In fact, 7 hours has not been working for me. Last weekend I got two nights of nearly 10 hours and the few days after that were pretty good. Then the nights of 7 hours caught up with me again and I was a bear. Had nearly 10 last night, thinking today will be good once I get going. Now...that's not 10 uninterrupted. I am up once or twice with the kids during a night, but usually fall right back to sleep. I'm working on 8 years of sleep deprivation.