Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I can't win

I have a paragraph in a draft from  Saturday that talked about feeling guilty because I was gone from the kids all day that day.   I left the house at 8am and got home about 7ish.   Thing is, I got some important things done that day.   There are a few wrenches in the monkey pile (or wenches in the monkey file as Tom thought I said...and yes, I know that isn't how the saying goes) but we have time to iron them out.  Actually I've already ironed them out in my to convince certain people that I'm right. lol     Today...I was going to post about how I got to stay home all day besides driving to Carrie to school.   And what was I going to post....that I felt guilty because I didn't get enough done around here.   Pfftttt!

I loved being home and puttering all day.  Problem is that I made just as many messes as I cleaned up.  I did some crocheting for the sale at the end of the month.  I tore apart the coat closet, cleared and cleaned the shoe cubbies.   I didn't finish it though and have a huge pile here that needs to be sorted.    I'd gotten into the habit of throwing the shoes that were too small away.  Easy Peasy.  My kids tend to only have a few pairs of shoes and wear them out pretty well anyways.  Plus it's the one area I'm a bit squeamish about using second hand and handing down.  I have some kids who have pretty funky foot patterns.  This time though I ended up with a few pairs that Danielle doesn't like wearing or hardly wore (like for the wedding she was the flower girl in).  So I'm saving them for the sale table at the end of the month, which means....another pile to deal with.  I need to get a box to throw things in for the next 10 days.  Funny thing...Sean found out I was selling all the shoes that are too small for him.  Now he's trying to put all his shoes in the sell pile.    This sale coming up makes me want to go through the whole house but my body won't cooperate.   It's been pretty summer like here this week.  For some reason my feet don't like it, and have been threatening to explode with water retention.   This makes it hard for me to move around, although it's the best thing for it.  Tom said something about how slow I was moving the other day and I wanted to cry.  Normally I'd have a big huge pregnant belly to blame, what's my excuse now?

We're in a bit of a pickle right now.  Carrie is suppose to take her GED test next week and we just found out she's suppose to have gov't issued ID to get in.  We seem to have misplaced her birth certificate after a trip up north to Fort Drum to visit friends, and any ID she can get can take 2 wks to arrive in the mail.    Tom took half a day off today and is in the big city getting her birth certificate as I type this.  Carrie called me in the meantime to let  me know that they'll accept  a police issued ID and you get it when it's made.  So looks like we'll be doing that tomorrow morning.  UGH stuff like this is what makes taking care of so many kids so exhausting.   Above was written this morning, now it's almost tomorrow.  Looks like Carrie will be waiting a month to take her test so she can get her ID (test is only given once a month).  I think she's a little relieved and admits she felt a bit rushed.   More practice can't hurt.

Annnnnnd now it's the middle of the afternoon the next day.  Geesh!   So much for just posting when I have to get off.   Today was suppose to be a nice coordinated reduced trip day.  Then Liz got her hours switched, allowing her more hours, so I'll end up taking the 4 trips a day today.   Having Tom home for the afternoon (after getting Carrie's birth certificate) was nice.  Him and Sean had a blast hanging out together out back.   Tom even shared his secret stash of lemonade and peanuts with him...LUCKY DUCK!   It's neat to see Tom's relationships with the younger kids change and especially with Meghan.  It's like he has the time to enjoy them now.   Although he's not working any less.  Maybe he's just learned that it's fun to be involved with them more.  I don't know.  All I know is that Sean is a lucky boy to be born last when it's come to Tom.  

Sean loves to write and draw and it's driving me cRaZy!   He is writing on everything....the xbox drums, the walls, the groceries, his body.  He feels the need to mark everything.  It's almost impossible to put up all the writing utensils around here and I don't really want to.   I know it's a phase, I just wish he'd hurry up and get over it.   In the mean time I'll keep reminding him....paper only and get the magic eraser out.   At least he's old enough now to help clean up his mess. :o)

It's almost time to run back out to the city (she types while yelling....HEY!  NOT THE WALL!!!   GET PAPER!....told ya)   At least today I remembered to take something out for dinner.  Do you think it'll hop itself into the oven?  Or better yet, go start some charcoal and climb aboard?   I didn't think so.    /kicks at some stones and grumbles...Why do I have to do all the work?  I don't want to be the mom today!



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