Monday, March 26, 2012

God is Amazing!

So on Saturday I was emotionally at my end and exhausted.   Feeling like I couldn't handle a simple social function like a birthday party.   WRONG!!!   On the way home from the small city yesterday morning God had me turn the car around and offer an elderly lady walking down the road and struggling with her packages a ride.    (which I normally wouldn't ever considered) Thing is, the elderly lady wasn't elderly and was someone I knew!   I can't really share too many details since she has a right to her privacy.   Let's just say I knew she was a loooong way from home and shouldn't have been where she was and doing what she was doing.   This led to 10 hours of out of my element experiences and an emotionally exhausting day in my already busy day.

I learned that life is relative.  That while I think life is hard and I'm at my limit...I have NO clue.  I dealt with difficult issues yesterday, ones that people I know and are close to have to deal with every single day....scary, scary stuff.   I went places, called people (I HATE making phone calls), and talked to people without a second thought that normally would've made me want to roll into a ball and cry.   When I thought my life couldn't get any busier and crazier.....I discovered it can and I will survive it.  Not only did I survive, I came to a better place in my life because of it.    I'm not saying all my baggage from Saturday is gone, far from it..   But it's easier to bear today.

Someone I was talking to joked......."and we didn't have enough things to do today".   I said you're not kidding!  But God had me turn around and pick her up for a reason.   I'm not entirely clear on what that reason was but it was definitely for a reason.    As of right now I'm still not sure what became of all  the goings on of yesterday.    Maybe I never will.   But I learned a lot.

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Thia said...

Sounds like a scary situation! Praise God you listened and picked her up instead of someone who would have brought harm. I am glad that you are feeling better.