Friday, March 16, 2012

What is this place...

you call home?   I do not like days like today!  Days when driving is all I do.   I left here this morning at 10:25am, took Val to work, went to my dr visit, dropped Carrie off at her school, went back home, pulled into the driveway and honked for Jake to come out, went to school and picked up Eileen,  took  Jake and Eileen to the dr, went to Wegman's to grab bread, milk, and Jake's prescription (forgot dish detergent), drove back home, got OUT of car, said hi to the kids, kicked off shoes and jumped into bed for a nap (had been up since 3am), got woken up 30mins later, back into car to take Liz to work, ran into RiteAid and grabbed a bottle of dish soap, drove home, started to make dinner before we realized the kids were late for a soccer game, grabbed keys and back out the door and headed to church, back home and puttered for an hour...decided we could have leftovers for dinner and the kids would cook hotdogs over a fire out back with Tom,  ran back out and picked up kids from soccer (got eaten by mosquitoes already!), back home, heated up a bowl of chili and called my sister, lost track of time then realized it was 15mins AFTER Val got off of work, hung up the phone, grabbed my  keys and ran out the door again, picked up Val and Liz from work and finally  back home for the rest of the evening (9:43pm).

I tried to get Jake, Eileen and Danielle into the doctor's today but they didn't have any appointments.  I asked if Eileen could at least get in and get a throat culture done since that was her complaint.  I also begged them to please find room for at least Jake.  He was up all night with the right side of his face hurting.   When the nurse said something about not knowing what to do I suggested that the dr could save us all some work and just believe me when I say he has a sinus infection and call him in a prescription.  It didn't fly and she crammed both of them into the books.   I told her I wasn't too concerned about Danielle just yet and she could wait a day or two.  She's had a cough all week and woke up with a 102+ fever Wednesday morning.   Luckily it's gotten to be a lot lower on it's own by now and the cough hasn't gotten worse.   I just hope they're all feeling better on Sunday since we're having a party for Activity Club at the gym Olivia had her birthday party at last year.

Carrie redid the writing part of her predictor test.  Seems her teacher had told her they'd review that part but never did it before she tested.  She wasn't sure how to do that part of the test so only wrote a paragraph for the first attempt.  It appears she was suppose to write quite a bit more.   The second time she did ok on and is now cleared to take the real GED test.   After looking at the state site I think the test is scheduled for March 27th and 28th.   That means technically she could be done with school by my birthday!

NO SCHOOL tomorrow!!!   Woohoo!  And Val doesn't need to be to work until 12:30 so I can sleep in! Welll, if Sean lets me.   He tends to be an early riser.   Olivia started making cookies just as I was running out the door tonight.   When we walked in the door we found a HUGE cookie sitting on a piece of parchment on the kitchen table.  I walked by and pinched a tiny taste off it.  The kids couldn't help but start laughing, and the face I made had them rolling on the floor. ICK!!!   It seems Olivia mistakenly added 1/2 cup of salt instead of half a teaspoon.   I guess she didn't think anything of it since we'd used more then that to make the salt dough for her Egypt project.   Unfortunately she used all the chocolate chips we had in the house on that batch.   Luke threw together some peanut butter cookies instead.   What I want to know is...WHY won't anyone make banana bread like I keep asking them to.  The bananas will be at  the point of no return soon.

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