Friday, March 09, 2012

It's quiet here

I've been up for an hour now and my coffee is almost gone and cold.  Tom just got up to get ready for work.  Poor thing, I can't wait until he can retire!   Which leads me back to what's been on my mind lately.....What am I going to do come September?   Once Sean is in school and I'm home alone (and assuming I'm not driving anyone anymore) what am I to do.   What I WANT to do is bad so sad, leave me alone to putter here as I please.  I don't want to grow up!!!   The responsible thing to do is to either get a job and/or go back to school and start working toward a career.   Working would get us ahead faster so that Tom can retire sooner.....and I want that.   Going to school would be stimulating and let me earn more once I did get a job.  It also seems nearly impossible with  all the other stuff floating around in my head.  Can I really cram one more fact into it?   It's getting to the point that I have to make a decision so I can apply for scholarships and funding.   (most applications need to be in by may).   Someone tell me what to do and then do it for me please!

A bit of good news... I passed my stress test!  Woohoo!  For a while there I thought it might not go well.  So much so that I refused to have the test on the 6th like they originally were going to schedule me for.  I just couldn't bear the thought of Olivia having to deal with one more bad thing happening on her birthday if I failed the test or was admitted to the hospital.  I'm not sure if I'm in better shape then the last time  I had this done (2002) or if the test wasn't as strenuous as my first test but it was a piece of cake.   I'd like to think I'm in better shape.   Now to get healthier so I don't have to think there's a reason to schedule a stress test, much less think I'm going to fail it.

At the end of the month there is a garage/craft sale at  the local rec center.  I learned about it in January and thought it would be neat to make some things to sell for it.  Allison said she'd make some things for it if she could, Michelle and Val got excited at the idea and said they'd sell some things there, so I reserved a space for 2 tables any size for $15.   I've had 2 months to get things made...guess how much I have done for it.....NOTHING!   Although I don't think I'll have too much to sell from around the house I guess it'd be a good reason to clean and declutter around here.  I've told Luke if he wants to sell any video games he's welcome to.   I still want to make a few things, mostly small trinkets.  I figure it's close to Easter and people might be willing to shell out money for low ticket things to put in baskets.   The drawbacks to doing this is that it's the first one ever and it's only open from 8 until noon.   I'd hate to do all the work and not even make my table money back.   I keep's only $15, if I don't do biggie.  But I can't think like that!

I'm thinking if I get back into blogging regularly again that I should just condense my food and craft blog into here.  After all, it's just another part of my life.   So don't be surprised if I talk about crocheting or cooking a bit ontop of all the other stuff flying off my brain.    Unfortunately crocheting wise everything I've started...I've undone.  Nothing seems to be to my liking.  Hopefully I can get some color combos going that seem to be ok to me.  

And now the first trip kids are almost out the door and I want to talk to them before they leave.  So posting now!

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Thia said...

I'd love to see a blog consolidation! Wouldn't bother me at all, I think it's interesting. I miss crochet too. It's been a long time since I've done anything. I stopped b/c I can't do a stitch w/o having too many kids wanting to be hands on. Glad the stress test went well.