Thursday, March 22, 2012

I should be doing something else

but here I sit.   Well, not entirely true...I just made myself get up and throw in laundry so as to not be wasting time while I sit here.  Plus I dug up some things on my laundry room floor.  ACHOOO!    Allergy time is starting up with this nice weather.   The trees are budding, my lilacs are actually leafing out, just hope snow and frost don't come to kill the early bloomers.   I'd be perfectly happy if we were done with snow (after all, it is spring now) but I live in Central NY and there's no hope of that happening.  So I'll just enjoy it while I can.

I need to get my camera, batteries, charger and memory card together and start using them more.  This place is BORING without pictures.  Besides, my kids are so cute it's a same not to share them.    Now my house....that's to be hidden from anyone's view for eternity.  Who knows though, I may figure out how to stop being a messer and get my house in order when the nest is empty.

I've already driven Val to work and don't need to head back in until 4:30.   5 hrs uninterrupted....what to do!   Part of me wants to take off and not deal with this place, part of me wants to stay here and ignore it and crochet all day, the other part of me wants to get it in order so I don't have to consider option 1 or 2 regularly.    So why am I here?   Because I feel like I need it.  I need to do something for me.  My head is full of stuff needed to be done for everyone else.  And to tell you the truth, it makes writing here a bit hard.  I feel like everything I write are random half thoughts.   ARGH!   Yes, I'll finally admit, I'm feeling a bit stressed.  It doesn't happen very often but I'm seriously battling with not biting anyone's head off for no reason or just totally shutting down.    This is not a pretty place to be and I've been asking for God's help a lot lately (which is what I should be doing all along anyways).

There is reprieve on the horizon and I'm feeling mixed about  that too.  Liz is talking about moving out in the next few months.  Her and her boyfriend have an opportunity to share a nice apartment in the big city with one of their friends.   While I want to say...WAIT until you're married!!!  From past experience I know it'll fall on deaf ears.  The good thing about it,  it's on the bus line and within walking/biking distance to a lot of job opportunities for her.  That means it's not so important that she learns to drive immediately.  She's still trying to buy a car that she can use to learn on though.   My main request to her....don't get a job in that area until you're already living there.  There is no way I could drive in two different directions all the time.   So she'll have to save up so she can float a few months of her share of the rent while she transitions between jobs.

If I had my camera set up I could show you pictures of things I'm making for the garage sale/craft show.  Right now they are a bunch of half done things but it shouldn't take too long to finish each one up (famous last words...I KNOW!)  I'm make blanket buddies which are little blankets turned on end (diamond shape) with a head at the top.  So far I've made a bunny and a pig with a bear on my hook right now.  I'm also trying to get an owl hat done like the one I made for Olivia.  Problem is I'm not sure what size it'll fit nor how long to make it.   Next on the list are a few different keychain ideas I have.  I don't think afghans and baby blankets will sell well at this thing since it's being advertized more as a garage sale then a craft show.   So I'm trying to do a bunch of low ticket items that people might want to buy for Easter presents or baskets.  

And on that note....I'm getting off here and getting something else done.  Maybe next time I get on I can find the time to share some newer pictures of the kids and pretty up this place a bit.   

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