Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm beat

Between the time change and the after effects of working the dome........I am totally exhausted.   Driving Liz to work proved difficult, actually driving home from driving her to work was what was difficult.  All I wanted to do was put my head back, relax and find lala land.   I came home and jumped into bed for about 30mins.  But first Olivia and I stopped at the mall and spent her Aeropostale gift card she received from my niece and her family.  MAN that place is expensive!  I hate going in there.   She managed to find a tshirt for $5 and a plaid hoodie for $20.  It only took 1.5 trips around the store.  I couldn't leave the mall without wandering into JoAnn's Fabric.   I finally figured out which yarns I want to use for my niece's twins but not sure of the colorways.   And I still don't know, seems our store doesn't carry this yarn although I've seen it on the website. Grrrr!   I wanted to look at it in person and actually feel it!  It's a little more costlier then I normally use and I don't want to end up with yarn I'm not totally tickled with.   Oh well, I can't really buy it right now anyways and I have the garage sale/craft fair to get ready for before I can do them.

I hate not having a specific game plan for this thing.   To be able to say......I want to make X number of hats, blankets, headbands,   etc made.   I did end up organizing most of my yarn at the end of island week, so that should make planning and figuring easier.   Now to just get my fingers working..  

OMGoodness!  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today.  It made it hard to sit inside for a transmission at church. But we managed to sit outside for a bit after lunch.  I got to hold and talk to one of twins, Sebastian.  WHAT A CUTIE!   I didn't want to give him up but unfortunately I had to.   It is so awesome to have so many babies around again.  My hands itch the whole time I'm sitting in a meeting, just wanting to have them filled with baby bootie.   It's going to be in the 60's all week....I'm so psyched.   I know we had a mild winter but I'm so ready to see some green around here.  While waiting for the bus last week Danielle and I noticed some of the trees across the street are looking a bit reddish with buds and the Canada geese are flying back north!  More and more I understand why people become snow birds and travel south for the winter.   If it weren't for family, I think I'd like to live a bit more south....say central PA.   I'd still want the changing of the seasons and snow but just not as much as we normally have here.  

Well the sun is starting to set and it's getting chilly outside fast.  The kids are back in the house and are jumping in the shower for the evening.   Tom has a pot of beef soup/stew on the stove and we're getting ready to eat.   So I should pop off here and stop ignoring everything and everyone.  

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