Friday, March 16, 2012

This is my life

So much for sleeping in.  Sean's eyes opened almost as soon as mine did.   Whether I would've gone back to sleep or not this morning...oh well...sleeping is highly overrated.   I was dreaming I was blogging so it was the first thing that I thought of when my eyes opened.   I was feeling a bit off because my posts seem to be so disjointed and just end.   Then I realized...but that's my life right now...little segments...impulses.   So I've given my permission to post posts without a clear cut beginning, middle, and especially an end.  It's why I blogged so little in the last months.  I kept holding to...there's no ending...I can't post it.  So I have a bazillion drafts saved up.  Or I wouldn't even start one because I didn't have enough time to get it all done in one sitting.  So no more, I'm ramble and blather like I do in real life, it may be quick because I only have a few minutes or it may just end because I've realized I needed to run out the door.  Or I sat on the couch for a second and fell asleep.   The important thing is that I'm getting it down.   I've missed not being able to go back over the last few months and a rereading about what went on here.    I'm blogging for myself, not for an english teacher.  

Thia!  I just want to say HI and THANK YOU!  I wouldn't know you if I literally ran into you on the street but it was an awesome feeling to see that I had comments from you.   It made me all warm and fuzzy and it still brings a smile to my face to think of it.    People in my real life thought it was weird when  I'd talk about my online friends,  like I was living in an imaginary world or was trying to escape reality. But you know guys are real darn it!   Looking back on all the years of posts and thinking of all the years posting on community boards, all the support I've gotten when things were rough and  the celebrating when things were going well.   My online friends are an important part of my REAL life!

So what should I do today?   It's raining right now so I don't have the pull of the great outdoors to lure me.  Our van isn't fixed yet so I couldn't take everyone somewhere even if I didn't have to run to the city four times today.   I can't get into any huge projects because of the aforementioned running.   I guess I could and should go grocery shopping while I'm in the city since it's payday and "there's nothing to eat!" here. .  Right now that doesn't sound like too much fun.   Hmmm how long can I drag out bill paying  and meal planning this morning?  Maybe meal planning will motivate me to go shopping.  I'm thinking it's time to start my annual...all I want for my birthday is a clean house campaign.    But if I'm not here to crack the whip then hands tend to stop working around here....including MINE! lol  

Meal planning....with three of us going to the doctors and stepping on the scale yesterday it's come to my main attention.   I'm back up into my higher weight range.  At my dr's appt on the 1st I had gained back 6 of the 13 pounds that I'd lost.  Yesterday I gain 3 more since the 1st.  BOOOO!   I felt bad for Jake since the nurse practically yelled out what he weighed.   Thing is...I was right!  He's lost weight.  And then Eileen sat there and said...I'm fat before anyone's weight was taken.  The nurse didn't utter a word aloud about her weight.   I wish she was as thoughtful for Jake.  I asked Eileen how it was.  She told me what she weighed and then said....I've gained a lot of weight recently.   I know how you feel sweetie.    Now to help her do things the healthy way without making it into an unhealthy thought.   DARN YOU SOCIETY!

OK enough rambling...everything is yelling at me to pay attention to them.  Who can yell the loudest...bills?  groceries?  dishes? the floors?  laundry?  the little kids room you can't walk in?

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Thia said...

Online friends are definitely real friends. Did your weather clear? Ours has and it's beautiful outside. It's not calling to me as it seems to call to you though. Going outside is not something I particularly enjoy at this stage of life...or really at any other. And if I do go out, I'd rather just sit and read. Which isn't something I get to do often at this stage of life. too. Not the kids, but my husband and I. It's particularly hard for me since I am used to being pregnant and nursing and eating whatever I want.