Thursday, March 08, 2012

Rough few days

And I totally feel guilty over having a hard time of things.   It's BIRTHDAY WEEK!   It's suppose to be a fun time for all. Olivia's birthday was SOOOO hard to get through and the guilt of wanting to just give up and give in to my emotions was nearly choking me.   All I wanted to do was climb in bed and have a good cry.   It's the first time we had a normal (meaning boring) birthday party for her since Billy's death.  Two years ago we went away to a hotel, last year we rented a gym and had a gymnastic party.   Olivia seemed to be doing well all day.   I picked her, Eileen and Danielle up from school at 12:30 and we hung out together for the day.  Drew, Allison and Meghan came over for dinner since we were having Walmart fried chicken (Olivia's request) which we haven't had in a loooong time.  YUM!   Tonight Olivia seemed a bit depressed.  She rode with me to take Liz to work and wasn't her normal chatty self on the way home.   Luckily she was heading to my SIL's house to celebrate with her cousin who's 22nd birthday is the 12th.  Those girls are so awesome with my younger girls,  I don't know what I'd do without them.      I think I kind of shut down these last few days.  Done what I had to do to get through the day (like send the kids to school or make dinner) but anything other than that...nope.     Val's birthday is tomorrow (she'll be 22) and she's requested steak for dinner.  I stopped at BJ's today and bought a roast...if she insists on steaks, I'll cut it up.   I'm hoping she'll be ok with a whole roast though.

Carrie's first few days of the GED program have been going well.   She did her testing the first two days and got the results yesterday.  Math she's a 8.2 out of no tutoring needed there.  For reading she's 7 something out of 9, so she needs a bit of work before she can take the test.   They are having her work her way through a workbook.  When she's done with that they'll have her take a practice GED test to see how she scores.  If she passes that test, then it's onto the real thing!  I don't think it'll take her long at all.   It's good to see her excited when talking about school.

After picking up Liz from work tonight I am on vacation for a few days.   Val and Liz both have Friday and Saturday off!  Woohoo!   Unfortunately I won't be home on Saturday to enjoy the vacation since I'm working at the dome all day for Monster Jam.  But it's nice to know that Tom won't have to worry about driving anyone while I'm gone either.   I want to relax all day tomorrow but this house is screaming at me to get something done!

Speaking of picking up Liz, it's that time.   If I don't post this now, it'll never get posted.  So finished or not, it's getting posted.  Hopefully I'll be back later to post more.

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