Sunday, March 04, 2012

So my mom asked me...

(Originally started 2/24)
Why aren't you blathering? At first I was confused, then I realized she meant posting here. Can I just say life's happened. As usual I've had tons of intentions of posting, composed posts in my head but to sit down here and write it...hasn't happened, obviously. I was going to get back into the swing of things when the holidays passed, a new year fresh start. Nope, not quite.

So what's going on here right now. Luke is working with/for my nephew...doing construction. He loves it because he's working with his friends and the boss is pretty awesome. :o) Unfortunately he had a little accident in February that put him out of work for a month. He shot a nail into and through the bottom knuckle on his left thumb. He required 3 days of inpatient IV antibiotics, but it has healed quickly and is almost back to normal.

At the end of August Liz started working at a nursing home...doing food service (washing dishes, making up trays of food and meals on wheels lunches, stocking food on all the floors, etc). The only drawback is that it's part-time.

Val started working at the beginning of this month as a manager at a tanning salon. I think it's quite ironic that a licensed aesthetician is running a tanning place. I think at first it was hard for her...seeing all the "sun" damage, but she's good at the job and likes it.

Carrie had her thyroid removed at the beginning of January and has been feeling blah since then. We found out last week or so that her dose of synthroid wasn't cutting it so we've upped it. Unfortunately for her not feeling well for so long meant that she missed school for all but 2 days of January. She tried to go back to school shortly after the surgery and couldn't, then it was...I'll try again tomorrow. In hindsight we probably should've had her tutored for the whole month but technically if things were right, she would've only needed the few days after surgery. Missing so much school almost guarantees that she'll fail for the semester and probably the year. It's been so hard seeing her struggle to keep from drowning. So we've asked that she be enrolled into a GED program through school. We found out today that she's been accepted and should be starting soon. (waiting for the occupational center that runs it to contact us on start date) It's self paced. She'll be tested to find her weakness and then taught toward those weaknesses. When the staff thinks she's ready to pass the test she'll take a practice test. If she passes it then they'll allow her to take the GED test. Once she passes that test, she's completely done with school. She's a very smart girl and I don't think it'll take her long to get through this. She's excited especially with the idea that she could "graduate" on time (when she turns 18) instead of when she's 20 or 21 which is what she was looking at originally.

Unfortunately for me the girls having a job requires me to drive back and for to the small city...most times 4 times a day. (Luke's friend picks him up and drives him) Each round trip is 45 miles long and takes an I'm in the car.... A LOT! (although Tom tries to help with the night and weekend driving when he can) We're hoping to get a car with an automatic transmission that the kids can use to learn to drive within the next few weeks. My goal is to have them all have their license and a car by the start of summer. I DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE THIS SUMMER!!!! The thing that bums me out is that this winter would've been an excellent time to learn to drive. There's been very little snow and what we have had has been manageable driving wise. It would've made for a good winter driving experience.

It's now 9 days (3/4) since I started this, let's see if I can finally finish it!

Carrie has been accepted into the GED program and starts tomorrow afternoon (half day sessions). We're all excited. Last Friday started off Birthday week here with Luke turning 19. Olivia will turn 12 on Tuesday and Val will turn 22 this coming Friday. Luke wasn't home all weekend so we had a small family dinner (meatloaf) with brownie sundaes. I didn't really get him anything...bought him a chocolate bar and a package of sushi he wanted while we were out grocery shopping. I at least one more idea of something to get him. The kid is hard to buy for! Especially now that he has his own money.

The rest of the kids are doing well, going to school, hanging with their friends, playing on the xbox and the computer. Danielle started kindergarten. It was hard to send her because she was the only elementary school kid and was going on the bus alone. Besides Drew, all my other kindergarteners had an older sibling to take them under their wing. But she's doing fine and loves it, she's soaking everything up like a sponge.

That leaves Sean as the only one not in school. He will be going in September for sure. The kid LOVES his numbers, letters and is trying to read. I realized the other night...I'm right where I was 7yrs ago when Olivia was the youngest one and about to start school. Only this round there won't be any new babies to change amything. So the big question lately is.......what will mom do come September? I say cry my eyes out for a bit and then kick back and relax!!!! ;o) Everyone else seems to think I should be employed. humph! It would help to get us ready for Tom to retire when he wants. He's eligible to after July of '13. BUT MAN! Lazy me does NOT want to join the rat race.

Besides driving I've been working at the Syracuse University Dome doing concessions for our church. We work all the home football and basketball games. It's been really busy seeing as the teams are doing well, especially the basketball team (30-1 record! woohoo!) That's coming to end though, the last basketball game was yesterday. Next week we have Monster Jam and then 2 lacrosse games and we're finished until September again. I've been doing a tiny bit of crocheting, but not enough. I'm behind 2 afghans for my niece's twins and we're suppose to be having a table set up at the end of the month for a garage/craft sale. I haven't started ANYTHING for that and keep wondering......WHAT was I thinking?? Housewise, it had been looking pretty good in here but it only takes a blink of an eye for it to fall apart and fall apart it did. I just wish it only took a blink of an eye (or a twitch of my nose) to get it back to where it should be again. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

I did it! Got to a point where I feel comfy calling it done. I promise (and I rarely ever promise anything) to try and get on here more often and maybe even fairly regularly! I've missed writing here, although I do try to do a blog tour of all my old friends on a regular basis. So not totally losing touch, only on my side.......BAD KIM! Good night

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