Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a way to start the day

Or actually it might be more appropriate to say what a way to end the day since it started last night.  I went to make dinner (stroganoff) and discovered......WE WERE OUT OF PROPANE!   Great!  There was no reason for it to be, we were paid in full!   So now  I had a house full of hungry people, a sink full of dishes, laundry to do, showers that need to be taken and none of it could happen!    Luckily I had purchased a few packages of Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers at the dollar store, so we microwaved those. (we had the steak and 2 chicken varieties) They aren't too bad, especially with some added cheese (doesn't cheese make everything better?).  But now I have to deal with a kitchen full of dishes.

This morning I was awake around 3ish.  Instead of getting up I made myself try to go back to sleep so dozed on and off until 5.  Then I had a stupid dream.  Someone seriously offended me in my dream and I started going off on them.  Thing is I woke up in the middle of my rant and it continued in my head while I laid there.   It totally threw me for a loop and I started bawling like a baby.   I had NO idea those thoughts were rolling around in my head and I was shocked at how easily it was coming forward.  WOW!   I knew I had a lot of things to work on spiritually but geesh!  And now to add on fighting down and out discouragement.    Maybe I'll just go back to bed with the other kids who REFUSED to get up for school this morning.  I'm about to plant some dynamite in some mattresses.   This routine is getting very old, very fast.

All done sending the kids to school.  Only Olivia remains, Jake went in late with Danielle.   Olivia's been having a really hard time getting up every morning.   I don't know if they aren't going to bed at a reasonable hour or not.  With her  I worry it's another huge bout of depression rearing it's ugly head.   UGH!   Why do they have to grow up?   Why can't I just hug the hurt out of them?   Or kiss it and make it better?  

Oops!  I got to puttering and forgot I was writing.    The gas man came so I decided to try to flush out the hot water tank before we turned it back on.  Not sure how well I did it, but I did manage to get some crud out.   Now there's a huge tote of water I have to deal with before I can get to the pilot light of the tank, so no hot water yet.  Then I came upstairs and started going through my fabric.  I decided that I'll probably never use it (even though I LOOOOOVE a good bit of it) so I'll try to sell it at the garage sale on Saturday.   I also have a ton  of other craft supplies, books and leaflets.  So I've been examining, measuring and folding fabric for most of the late morning, but it's done.   My thinking is if it doesn't sell this weekend I can list it on ebay or etsy, especially the vintage stuff from my grandmother.   And I could probably get a good bit more for it then I'm asking now (especially on etsy).  Funny thing though, I kept hearing my girls say....I'd like a summer dress in that!   Oh that's pretty.  One of the reason why I never used these fabrics way back then  is that my girls refused to wear anything I made with them.   lol

Even though today is my day off (Val and Liz both have today off) I'm still watching the clock.   Danielle was awarded a coupon for a free happy meal this month.  It's part of the Parents As Reading Partners program.   We send in a slip that she's read so many minutes for the week and they give her a prize.    Well her coupon is burning a hole in her pocket and she's begging me every day to redeem it.   It's in a village that's not in the direction I usually drive the girls.  So I'm picking her up from school today and we're going in to use it.   As a test to see just how much I care what people think of me, Danielle told me....I told the teacher we haven't really been reading.  WHAT!?!?!!   I told her, yes it's true I haven't been reading you the 4 books before bed lately, but we read during the day don't we?   Yes.  Do the other kids read to you? Yes.   Do we play games with words to see if you can rhyme them, spell them or figure out the beginning sound?   Yes.   Then you are reading!!!!!   Seems she was suppose to color in a star for each day she read and I forgot to have her do it the first two that's why she said it.  UGH!  Oh well, add another gold star to my "mother who cares.....NOT" award the school will be giving me soon.  

Well I guess I can do laundry without hot water, so I'll get off my duff and throw some in before I go out the door.   Have a good one.

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