Friday, August 13, 2004


Before I start going on and on about my day so far, let me say. I have NO new news about B. I was hoping to visit him tonight but I'm unsure of it now.

Now my day. I got up at 8 and jumped in the shower...determined to get something accomplished today. I was dressed and out the door by 9am, on my way to grocery shopping. I was hoping to get it all done and be home by noon (yeah right!) I had my list and my menu made up so it was a no brainer trip for the most part.

Pat needed the car to go to his soccer workout at 11 (he's never driven the bus) so I took the bus. My first stop was Save-A-Lot. As I pulled into the parking spot I was thinking....this bus has been running great lately...WRONG thing to do!!! I went through the whole store and got tons of groceries for $85. Loaded the boxes of groceries into the van, jumped into the driver's seat and turned the key. The engine turned over but never started. GRRRRRRRR!!! I tried and tried. Afraid I'd run the battery down I gave it a rest. Figured if I flooded the engine it would have time to sit too. Retried and nothing.

I decided to go call Tom at work so I wouldn't have to sit in the parking lot all day. Do you think I could find a payphone!?!?! NOPE! No a one in sight. I had to walk about a mile down the road to get to one. I called Tom and got his voice mail. Called home and found out Pat had left already. So left a message with Liz and told her to keep trying to call dad. I decided to break into the kids' plastic bags of change in my purse and buy myself a coffee and something to snack on (hadn't had breakfast or coffee before I left). Sat down, enjoyed a meal that I didn't have to share and then walked back to the bus. Tried to start it again...nothing. Opened the windows so I could catch a breeze, settled into the drivers seat as much as I could and drank my coffee. Gave the key a turn once or twice just for good measure. Just as I was finishing up my coffee, Tom pulled into the parking spot next to me. He jumped out and came around to my window. I explained what was happening and turned the key to show him. IT STARTED!!!! STUPID BUS!! It's bad enough my kids are always making me out to be a liar, but my bus too!?!?! Tom just took it as a sign that he was an awesome presence to be dealt with. LOL

Tom didn't think it was a good idea to use the bus for the rest of my errands. He told me to go home and get the car before I finished up my shopping. So much for being done early and getting lots done. Well, here I sit and my car still hasn't shown up in my driveway! Liz is due over to the chruchgrounds in about half an hour so I can't leave yet anyways. Then I'm not sure I'll have anyone here to babysit...seeing as Tom's on call and has to leave in a moment's notice. I don't have enough seats to take everyone in the car. *heavy sigh* WHY does everything have to be so complicated!!! I just want to run to the store and grab a few things so we can eat for the next 2 wks!

I just found my car. It's at Jess's house with Pat. Why do I never remember my kids telling me things that they swear they've told me? He'll be home in 5minutes so I can take Liz over to church. Guess I may have to wait until tomorrow morning until I go shopping. I wish transporters were real. Then again if there were transporters, there'd be I wouldn't need to go to the grocery store!

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Lisa said...

Man, I hate when that happens. I've had it too, car won't start, drill won't work, water is leaking, etc. Help shows up and bam no problem. Grrrr!!! I hope tomorrow is better. I spent the day grocery shopping and at the laundromat. What a waste of a perfectly good day.