Wednesday, August 11, 2004

*Heavy Sigh* Where to begin....

Warning this entry may be quite if you're going to read...get comfy. (it may also be too graphic for those who get queasy easily...marked the most graphic part with a warning)

After I posted on Sunday we went back to our campsite where I cooked shells and we all had tacos. I was quite fried by then due to cooking combined with the heat, so we decided to go swimming before the sunset (pool closes at sunset). I got everyone ready and even put on my suit. The kids were jumping up and down excited because mom was actually going in the pool. Just as we were about to open the pool gate someone informs me that the pool is closed until 5pm Monday. It seems someone POOPED in the big pool, the wading pool and on the cement patio between the pools. So the pool was being superchlorinated and had to be closed for 24hrs. We then visited with sil, D, at her trailer then took showers and got ready for bed. I had everyone go to bed early because they've been running all week.

Monday was a toasty day. I wanted to go home and go swimming but didn't want to do the work of getting ready to go. I decided to visit my sil to see if she had a better idea. We ended up sitting while the kids played. They opened the pool a little early and by 2pm we were all in the pool again. We stayed until 4:15 or so and I was about to faint from standing along side the pool trying to get a group of boys to calm down around the little ones (they were wrestling and dunking which is NOT allowed) We finally got back to sil's site and sat down in the shade with a bottle of ice water. One of our nephews, P, came riding up on a bike yelling...Aunt D!!! B (different B nephew then the one that visited us a few weeks back) got hurt on his 4 wheeler!!! D asked how bad? 911 bad? He said yes....that started us all going. D freaked and started yelling for kids to run down the meeting hall and get her dh who was directing the church band. Told another to go get her cellphone. I immediately took off on foot, yelling for P to show me where he was.

I ran...I don't know how I did it but I ran at least a 1/3 - 1/2 mile non stop. And in my birkenstocks to boot...through the woods! I'm not even sure if I could run HALF that distance now if I wanted to. Adrenaline is a very powerful thing! D's kids said I was passing kids on bikes LOL I don't remember but I do remember thinking I'm not going to make it. At that moment I started wetting myself. I just kept hoping that if anyone was running behind me they didn't notice it running down my leg *blush*

*graphic part*
I finally got to B (15.5yo...child #3 of the 14) who was laying on a trail with his 4 wheeler sitting (upright...thankfully) beside him. BJ had gotten to him first and attended to him...PHEW! I thought he was hurt and alone. It seems he tried to move to the right of a trail to allow someone else on a bike to pass and caught a log on the side of the trail with his vehicle. It split in at least thirds with the top 2 sections wedging his handlebars between them. The third piece was low and went under his front fender and gouged out his shin to the bone. It's about 4 inches long, going across his shin, starting with about 1/4inch opening...ending at the top with about a inch and a half opening. He also cut the back of his foot...stretching his was thought to be cut at first.

I had sent P back to sil and tell her he was hurt enough to go to the hospital but was ok. After I saw what had happened, talked to B a bit, realized there wasn't anything much more I could do. I told B that his dad was on the way and I wanted to go let his mom know what was going on. I was sure she was hysterical and she had all her little ones and mine! I passed B's dad on the trail, told him what was up and that I was going back to the site to let D know what was going on.

BIL came back to the site, got his truck so he could transport B out of the woods so the rescue crew could get to him after they arrived (it seemed to be taking FOREVER for them to come). They transported him to the hospital. D couldn't go with them because of all the other kids and baby. Their oldest E went with B in the ambulance....bil followed in his truck. We all just sat around kind of numb. Finally it was time to go back to my site to make dinner. As soon as I walked away from D's campsite I broke down and started crying. I scared my kids but tried to assure them that B was ok...I was just dealing with the stress of the day.

We got a phone call from bil about 8'ish. It seemed that things weren't so great. By the time B had gotten to the hospital he already had bacteria going to work and it was all the way into his foot! They had to put him into surgery to clean it out and he's require at least a 3 or 4 day hospital stay. D decided she needed to go home and needed to go home NOW! Her and I along with a few kids threw tons of things into bags, baskets and boxes. E came back to the churchgrounds with the truck and we loaded the 15 passenger van and truck with stuff and people.

I didn't sleep well Monday night to say the least. I found out that it was suppose to be rain the next day. Oh yeah, and the pool was closed again. Yep, someone pooped in it AGAIN! So in the middle of the night I decided we needed to go home too. I was up at 6am and tried to sit around doing nothing. I couldn't so went for a walk over to sil's site and cleaned it up a bit (we had given the kids a bunch of candy while we packed and I needed take care of her trash can). I finally couldn't wait any longer and made all my kids get up by 8:15. We were packed up and heading over to sil's campsite for her trash bag by 9:30! LOL I didn't even let them eat!

E was at the campsite getting some things like SIL's purse (oops), some pans, and the camcorder I found on my first check that morning. E told us that it looks good for B as the fast growing bacteria hasn't been seen since last night. But of course he's not out of the woods still.

Most of Tues was spent unpacking the van and collapsing! I am sore and wiped out!!! D was up at the hospital most of the day. I did run over there last night for a few minutes to give her something and see how things were going. They are talking of maybe stitching him closed on Wed if there is no trace of bacteria! He's in a lot of pain though because there is an exposed nerve that has to be kept alive, therefore continuing to creating pain impluses. He'll need at least a week of IV antibiotics in the hospital, with maybe another week of them at home.

I'll be calling her in a bit and update later today.

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