Friday, August 20, 2004

Not sure I should be posting tonight

I'm tired and feeling a bit upset and grumpy. I've been reading a blog about an 8mo named Allie, who is having a bone marrow transplant. The timeframe and experiences were almost the same as what Carrie went through. Until this week (week 16...8/16/04-8/22/04)....this week has NOT fared well for Allie. My thoughts and prayers go out to Allie, her family and all involved in her treatment. I so hope that Allie's mom is still writing about Allie's shenanigans in 7yrs like I'm writing about Carrie. CANCER SUCKS!!!

I'm also upset because I HATE how some people play games with other people online. WHY do people have to mess with others like that. Usually trolls are harmless but there are times when they take a heavy emotional toll on those around them online. It kills me to know what I know and have to watch them play their games. It's also ruined my online experience in general. I tend to find that I'm slower to allow people around me in. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Grumpy tends to do with school shopping. I took Michelle, Val, and Liz on Tues...spent a good chunk of change. Took Liz on down on Wed...another huge hunk of change. Today it was eye dr appts and new glasses for Liz and big deal in and of itself. We have a great vision plan. It was after the eye appt that was what caused me to be grumpy. A trip to the $100 store (Wal-Mart). Only $100 is only a fraction of what I spent tonight. How about over $400!!!! That didn't even include groceries, foodwise I bought milk, bread, donuts for the way home and corn on the cob for dinner....that's IT! The rest is all stuff for school. AND I'M NOT DONE!!! I have to get sneakers for two kids still. Not to mention I didn't buy all the school supplies...although I'm almost done. What I do have left though is a good chunk of change...BINDERS!!! Why do they need so many binders? Why don't the stupid things last longer then a school year? Why do the teachers insist on needing the $5 or 6 ones (2 or 3 inch ones) instead of the $.50 ones!?!?! Why does each teacher insist they need one for their class, and require a specific color!!! Like I have nothing better to do then to run around town looking for a black folder or orange binder! I don't feel like Luke and Jake have enough clothes....I think they need more shirts. I'll have to get everything organized and check to see if my feeling is a true one or not.

Drew and Pat wanted to know if I got them anything. Drew wants to know when I'll be taking him shopping. ROFL!!!!!!!!! Nice try BUD! I can't believe I managed to almost max out my brand new credit card in less then 3 days. At least I hope it's almost maxxed and not over maxxed. I think I'm ok. Did I mention how much I HATE credit cards and how much they scare me? Well they do!!! Thankfully/hopefully we'll be paying it off totally by the end of Sept, beginning of October. Just in time for Christmas shopping. UGH!!!!!!!! Someone hand me a pair of scissors PLEASE!!!!

The kids did have a ball filling their new backpacks with their new school supplies. I probably have enough leftovers to run a small bookstore. LOL Too bad it won't last until NEXT year. Most of the kids know what they'll be wearing to the first day of school now. LOL Guess you can't be too prepared...the start of school is only 19 days away. Now to keep the new underwear and socks away from them until they really need them!

I've put everyone on notice tonight that starting on Sunday or Monday we'll be trying to function on school hours. The older girls were bragging how they still get up early once in a while. I reminded them that means BEDTIME too!!! I don't think they were very impressed or happy. LOL

I THINK Tom has tomorrow off. I keep asking him but he never gives me a straight answer. He took half a day off today. I think he wanted to go visit his brother who is camping at a state park on Lake Ontario. Too bad life decided to get in the way of his plans. Who knows if he'll want to go. I partly would like to go up there but I'd also like to sit home and vegitate, seeing as I've been running all week. I'd also like to get into the library and finish organizing my crafts and setting up my sewing area. Wonder if Luke and Jake would mind homemade calico shirts for school? ;o)

Head is hitting monitor...time for bed!

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