Monday, August 02, 2004

Late night ramblings

I went to bed with Tom at a decent time. Ended up tossing and turning so came back out in the livingroom and here I am. I really wish I'd stop these early morning hour romps online. I'm going to be needing to get up in a few hours if this was next month!

I hemmed and hawwed about going to church this afternoon. The kids were whining because it was hot and they wanted to jump in the pool. I was drenched in sweat and was wishing I could take a dip too. I ended up deciding to go. There was NO meeting!!! GRRRRR! All that work for nothing. The kids had brought their suits so I let them go in the church's pools (3ft deep inground kids pool and bigger 3ft graduating to 5ft inground regular pool) The kids loved it and whined when I tried to tell them it was time to go. At least I got to pay my fees for the summer conference and I ended up visiting with my SIL who has 14 kids. She was out at her trailer unloading non perishable groceries for the conference. I even got to hold Jonathan, 2mos old, while she did some my baby fix got a dent taken out of it. LOL

The kids are getting excited about going over to the conference grounds and camping. I'm still not so sure what I'll do. At the very least I'll put up my 18x18 screen house and grab a table or two. I'm even thinking of sleeping in the screenhouse with tarps up for privacy or weatherscreens. Tom doesn't think we should. I just don't want to do the work of fixing the popup. We're talking of staying out at the grounds longer then the 4 days we normally would. A lot of people are staying past the summer conference because the band is having a huge recording week immediately following the conference.

What is the summer conference? It's when fellowships (churches) from Missouri, Montana, Michigan, Toronto, Ottawa, Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, and New York, along with individuals from across the world get together for about 4 days at the church down the street from me a few miles. We'll have at least 800 people there with over half of them being children LOL. We'll have bible studies/meetings for youth, men, children and everyone. We'll have fireworks, games, snacks, treats and lots of fun stuff. It's a blast! With activities starting at 10am and ending at 1am each day. It's also very busy as our local fellowship has a lot of responsibilities due to using the main church. We also run a grill/snack bar for lunch, dinner and nighttime snackbar.

Anyways...back to Sunday's goings on. We got home from church at about 6pm. The kids ran around to the back of the house and jumped into our pool! Tom was napping and I went to wake him up. It was a very frustrating time...seeing as I'm most likely O'ing. At leats I feel like I am and Tom's reacting as though I am LOL Between me wanting to have another baby, him not wanting to, me scared to get pg....UGH!!!!!!! I was frustrated to tears (literally). I then decided to suggest the next best thing....GOING OUT TO DINNER!!! LOL Tom agreed which threw me for a loop.
I started some frozen chicken patties for the kids, gave Michelle and Val instructions, called the other kids out of the pool, forbid them to go back in after we left and went out the door on our date. Another one of those times when having older kids is a GOOD thing. We went to a really great Chinese all you can eat buffet place. I only had a few things that one might consider being chinese....seasame chicken and fried cheese wontons. LOL I also had crab legs, roast beef, fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail, grapes, strawberry ice cream and jello (there's always room for jello! LOL) I didn't get stuffed to the point of feeling sick. Tom seemed to be on the verge of feeling sick.

After dinner we went to Wal-Mart. I wanted to get some snacks and things for us to eat and drink at the summer conference. Tom wanted to get something that would allow us to end our frustration. He was not happy to let me meander through the store. He HATES shopping!!! Next time I'll leave him home LOL We got home about 11pm...picked up Pat at his girlfriend's house, dropped C off at his house and got the kids to bed! End of day as far as anyone is concerned. ;o)

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