Saturday, August 14, 2004

I'm up, I'm down, I'm up again.....

Are you sure today isn't Friday the 13th? LOL

First I want to say....WELCOME TO THE WORLD LEVI BENJAMIN!!! Levi was born to Gretchen/Stillwantmore on Friday at 2:40 pm. He weighs in at 7-14 and is 19.5" long.

Second...update on B...I talked to his oldest sister E yesterday. She said he's all stitched up and still on massive antibiotics. He was running a slight fever for a short time but seems to be doing really well. Discharge looks to be Monday or Tuesday. I'm hoping to get to visit him tonight or tomorrow (need a car first)

Now onto my rollercoaster of a day so far. I'm wishing it was bedtime and it's only 2pm! Today Pat had try-outs for the community college's soccer team. He had to be at the field by 10am and left in plenty of time. I was excited and nervous all night and didn't sleep well. I'm sure he didn't do too better himself. He was home by noon. I thought it was odd. It seems he went to the field and hung out for an hour but no one showed up. He was dejected for sure. I talked to him and then went out front to sit on the porch and started crying. The main reason he wanted to go to college was to play soccer. He acted like it was no big deal but I could see how upset he was.

While cleaning up my computer desk I ran across the mail that Carrie got yesterday. One of the envelopes was to Pat from the college. I sent it upstairs with one of the kids. Pat came down a few minutes later to show me what it was. It was a schedule of today's try-outs. in the college cafeteria for an introduction meeting, 11am-12:30....time trials, 12:30-3:00....lunch and R&R, UGH!!!! WHY didn't the coach tell him this when he emailed him the directions to the soccer field!?!?! It was 12:30, I encouraged Pat to call the college and see if he could talk to the coach and see if there was a chance for him. He got a secretary, she assured him that a few of the recruits didn't know where to go and missed things, she had the coach call him back a few minutes later. The coach told Pat to come to the school for lunch. So he was out the door by 1pm. Yippeee!!!!

HE CAME BACK AT 1:45!!! WHAT is going on!!!! I'm about to have a heart attack here. This is ridiculous! He forgot he cleats. UGH!!! He was suppose to be at an elementary school field by 2 and it was almost 2 now. He wasn't even sure what school or where it was. The coach gave him directions. I hope they are clearer then how he told them to me becuase they stunk otherwise!!! All my mother henning was driving Pat crazy. He kept telling me....I have it under control mom. I'm 18 mom. I can handle it mom. Why can't we just shut off when they turn 18? About 10 mins after Pat left, his coach called here. I hope everything works out! I don't even care about grocery shopping now, as long as he gets to try out for the team.

I'm wanting another cup of coffee but feel like I've drank 10 cups too many already.
On the upside of things. Between rounds of dealing with Pat I spent all the other time sitting outside talking to Tom. We haven't had a real conversation in almost 2 wks. It was nice to just sit there. I got a composition book and started plotting out our gardens this year. Making notes of what we grew, how it's doing and what we'd like to accomplish next year. Now if only I can keep it from getting lost! LOL
Liz just called for me to pick her up from church. Hopefully I'll have news of how Pat did by the time I write again. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

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