Sunday, August 01, 2004


Quite a few of my ambitious ideas stayed ideas. I kind of knew it when I wrote it...I was just being optimistic. Guess I should be realistic instead.

I cleaned out the 3 food cupboards and ditched a bunch of stuff. I had stuff that was MAYBE ok but I wasn't sure. It'd been saved for a few cupboard cleanings so decided it lived in this house long enough and ditched it.

I did a boatload of dishes but didn't finish them all. *GAG!* Being out of dishsoap for a few days while it was almost 90 here and humid turned the sink into a gag machine. My counters are still waiting for me to unbury them. I start to get them uncovered then someone comes by with a bunch of stuff to stick on there (mostly me). I'm a terrible pilemaker, it drives Tom crazy. He really doesn't like clutter and untidiness. I don't mind it, especially when I figure I'm going to deal with it when I get up.

Tom's always asking...who's bowl is this ('s on the computer desk...I'll give you ONE guess! LOL) Who left "A" out...I find myself raising my hand, hemming and hawing about how I was going to use it again in a sec and would put it away later.

I've always said if I had an EXACT place for everything I could keep a spotless house. But knowing myself as well as I do...I don't think even that would keep me from making piles.

The kids went out swimming a few times today, even in the rain. I was going to go this morning when it was REALLY humid but I was up to my waist in a cereal cupboard washing it out. I think I would have been in it if it as warmer!!! BRRRR! I'm getting worried about the water. With so much rain lately it's throwing my chemicals off. The ph is almost to the bottoom (to low) and I still have barely any trace of chlorine in the thing. I'm going to have to vacuum it again, seems like I just did earlier this week but I can see it's diry. I hope I don't have to buy more supplies for the pool!

On Wednesday we have our annual summer conference at church. I have to decide if I want to stay or commute (2miles). If I want to stay I have to fixup the popup and maybe even get it registered...although for 2miles.... (no comment) I think we'll probably stay over on the grounds but that requires me to get a set amount of work done before I leave. Who knows if we'll be able to get the popup out of the backyard actually, what with all the rain we've had this week. When our soil gets wet it turns slick like ice (it's hard clay). NOT fun!!!!

So I have my work cut out for me now, just need to get on a more reasonable schedule! Well my forehead has hit the monitor once too many times for my to bed I go!

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