Thursday, August 12, 2004

Quick note

B update...there is no update which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I called D/sil about 1:30 yesterday to see how things were and she hadn't heard anything new. I didn't talk to her as long as I usually do because she'd been on the phone all morning. She assured me she'd call if she needed me and if anything changed. So no news is good news. I messed up on the date of stitching him closed though. I said they'd do it Wednesday if it still looked bacteriafree. It's Thursday. I'm totally messed up on my days and dates this summer!

My house is still a mess and I really want to try to get it gone!!! The counter area is looking better but not picture ready yet. LOL Laundry is still sitting here waiting for me to get at it. I really should do some so I can go grocery shopping. I've written out a list, along with a menu of if I can find it I'll be all set! LOL

I'm already balking at going to the store today. Thinking maybe I'll go first thing tomorrow morning. I'd really rather get it over with. I just know if I try to go in the middle of the day I'll have everyone begging me to go too. I hate dealing with that as I'm a would rather sneak out when everyone is sleeping and get back for lunch. LOL Thing is, I'd really like to go, get some things for B and run up and visit with him. I guess I could just run into the store, grab a few things and then visit. Either way, I'll have to get my rearend out of this chair!!! Where's that dynamite when I need it?

Hope my next entry is filled with tons of work that got accomplished and great news about B.

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