Thursday, August 12, 2004

Talked to D this morning....

B was going into surgery at 10:30 to partially close up his leg. I guess the previous surgery made the wound even bigger. There was a lot of wood in it. There's a little confusion on how long antibiotics will be needed. Some heard a week inpatient, a week at home. B seemed to hear a week inpatient...6-8 wks home. BIG difference! I'm pretty sure there'll be more definite news after the surgery is complete.

Michelle and Val went home with K and J this afternoon (they spent the night last night). They'll be gone until at least tomorrow. I'm slowly but surely digging out the kitchen. It's actually be a lot easier to do if everyone would stop eating and dirtying dishes!!! I'm actually looking forward to getting it done. I'd love to get into a clean kitchen and dirty it up again LOL The laundry is still waiting for me to take it downstairs. It's TOM'S fault that it's not to getting done. I've wanted to move my machines upstairs for years. He refuses to use living space for the machines when we already have space in the basement.

Pat's been working out at the soccer field. He JUST told me that Saturday is tryouts for his college team. YIKES!! Fingers crossed that he makes it. It'll be hard for him to go to college if he doesn't. I'd love to go watch but he's said NO!! I guess I'd make him too nervous.

Kids are bugging me to make something to eat. Time to feed the masses.

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