Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Guess What!!!

No I'm NOT pg! LOL I now have 2 very clean rooms that were knee deep in stuff. Pat, Michelle, Val, J and JW cleaned the library and playroom/boy's room today while I was out shopping with sil. It was totally on their own and totally surprised me. Although they did have ulterior motives...they wanted some $$ and the use of my car so they could go to the drive-in. I gave them all I had....$20. The job they did was worth a LOT more then that.

I'm very happy right now. I bought an 8qt box of tomatoes from some Amish kids at the farmer's market today. If I had my camera here (it's at A's house! grrrr) I'd have taken a picture of the tomato that was too big for a sandwich! YUM! YUM! YUM! I thought Tom would be mad because we're starting to get some red roma tomatoes. But there wasn't enough for all of us to have sandwiches. Besides, I"m going to use the roma's for salsa...not sandwiches.

Well I'm getting ready for the summer conference but it's not going very fast. I'm getting nervous that I won't have anything done come Wed night and I'll spend the first day of fun working on my campsite. Guess I'll have to bust my rear tomorrow. I have a TON of laundry now. Between the cleaning the bigger kids did and what Liz brought down from the younger girls' room......not good!

SIL picked me up before 9:30am today. We headed to the farmer's market and I spent half my farmer's market checks from WIC. I bought the box of tomatoes, 2dz corn on the cob, and 6 cucumbers. I ate a tomato like it was an apple before I got into sil's van.

We headed over to Wal-Mart. I spent WAY WAY too much money. Granted I bought a bunch of school supplies, but still..YIKES!!!! I'm letting the kids get a notebook and box of crayons to take this weekend. Eileen and Olivia are already having fun drawing pics and sharing them with everyone. On the way home from WM we passed through the next village over and sil saw her brother (oldest boy in the family). We honked and immediately heard some weird vibrations. AFter sil went over a double bridge and around a curve she pulled over. We had a flat tire! BIL pulled up in front of us and ended up taking one of my neices to a party he was heading to with his daughter. SIL called AAA and it only took about 50mins before we were back on the road. Luckily the garage was less then 1mile from where we stopped :o). I got a bit of my babyfix in that I held my 3mo nephew (yesterday I think I said he was 2mo...I was wrong...time IS flying LOL)

I stopped at my house and dumped the groceries at about 2:30. I grabbed a tent from the bus and jumped back in sil's van. We headed over to the conference grounds. I picked a site (it's suppose to have electricity but wasn't working when I left there tonight) and set up the tent so no one else could claim it. I feel guilty for taking a site when I live down the street. But sil reminded me...that staying with everyone is a LOT of the fun for the kids and my kids are entitled to enjoy this experience to it's fullest...just as much as someone's kids who live far away. OK...I'll stop feeling guilty. I realized I always put my priorities as others/strangers, my family then me. NOT good and not the way I should be doing things.

After holding my nephew for awhile, while sil unpacked things we headed to our houses. I found out that Tom came home early to pull the popup out of the yard before the ground got wet again. I started doing some work around here, enjoyed the clean rooms mentioned above and made everyone sandwiches. I then went outside, took apart our screenhouse, drove over to the conference center and put the screenhouse up on my site. Tom had to deal with a nest of bees, a flat tire falling off the rim and a bossy wife, but he DID manage to get the popup over to my site. :o) So as of right now it looks like we'll be staying over there past the conference's Sunday finish. I'm playing it by ear though. The popup is a MESS still but it's small enough that it shouldn't take too long to clean up.

I still have a LOT to do around here though. Need to wash laundry and pack clothes. Wash bedding, make some dishes (BBQ pork, pasta salad, french toast and pancakes at least) I don't have anything packed for the camper...NOTHING! I feel like I'm going to forget everything. I know this is par for the course and keep trying to remind myself this. I'm not going to even worry about making this place spotless. It'll give the older kids something to do while I'm not here LOL My huge plan to do a bunch of laundry tonight while I chatted has come to an end. I am EXHAUSTED!!! I've thrown in a load or two but that's as far as it's getting tonight.

The kids are super excited especially since they realize we're staying there in the popup and won't be going home each night. Eileen was crying and digging in her heels to stay there tonight. Liz talked her into coming home with us. LOL I hope I can use some of their excitment to my advantage and get them to work quickly. The faster we work the sooner we get over there and start having fun!!!! ;o)

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Chris said...

Sounds like so much fun...the conference that is, not the getting ready LOL.
And those tomato sandwiches sound WONDERFUL...no fair writing about food when your pregnant friend is sitting here reading with nothing good to eat in the house ;-)