Sunday, August 22, 2004

New room, booboos, blahs and uhohs

Drew is home for good now. We decided it would be best for all if Drew and Pat were in separate quarters. So, Drew made himself a little room in the library/craft room. It's kind of neat. Now if everyone will stay out of it, we'll be ok.

This weekend has actually been a decent weekend with Drew. He's gotten really chummy with Jake and Luke and they are eating it up! Now that Drew is here so is his PS2 and all his games. Joy of joy for the younger boys!!! As long as Drew shares nicely that is. Pat has been using the main computer more now that Drew has taken his computer out of the upstairs bedroom. He's talked about buying himself a new computer once his school loan money comes into play. I'm sure he's spent it a zillion different ways already even though we told him to be very conservative with it!

Luke and Jake went to R's house for a few hours of play. When R's mom dropped them back home we started talking about the gardens and took a tour of our's. By the time R was about to leave, Luke was puking his guts out!!! UGH!!! Figures, I was JUST thinking that we've been lucky as far as illness goes. Thought it would hit after I got done washing all the bedding though LOL I'm not sure if he's throwing up because of his headache or because he has a virus. He's been soundly sleeping on the loveseat for a while though.

Carrie was out biking with Liz this afternoon. The kids came running into my room yelling...Carrie got hurt!!! I thought it was BAD the way they were acting. She skinned her knee and elbow a bit. I've seen worse, although I'm sure it hurt her. Wonder if they'd notice if I threw the bikes into BIL's scrap metal pile! ;o)

This afternoon wasn't such a hot time. I'd say I was PMS'ing but I didn't feel all jittery like I normally do while PMS'ing. I ended up grabbing my shoes and purse, jumping in the car and taking off. WHY??? Because of Pizza!!! What a stupid thing to get all worked up about. It wasn't really about the pizza so much as Val using it as a power ploy.

She brought two boxes of pizza home from B's party last night. Some of us had it for a midnight snack and she put the rest in the refrigerator for today. At lunchtime Tom asked if we could have pizza. Val got it out and was handing it out to everyone. She wouldn't let Liz get her own and only offered her a choice of two gross pieces (all broke up with hunks of cheese missing). Liz got upset and then I got in the mix. Val got disrespectful and I fell into the trap. *heavy sigh* I HATE when I do that!!!! It went on for a while and Tom tried to get us to stop. Which meant I then turned on him.

I knew I was in a situation that I didn't want or should be in. Felt that if I stayed around too much longer I'd probably end up saying something I shouldn't or slapping Miss Disrespect across the face (which I do NOT want to do!) So out the door I went. Tom tried to talk to me but I just drove off. I only drove around the corner (less then 1/4 mile) and parked on the side of the road. Turned on a Queen CD and sat there listening to it blasting (the rearview mirror was vibrating thanks to the bass LOL). After a few songs I went back.

When I walked in the house...everyone was cleaning! :o) I should do that more often ;o) They all gave me my space for a while. I talked to Val and told her I won't be pulled into a disrespectful yelling match again. If she talks to me like that again ALL activities will end IMMEDIATELY!! Even if it means driving friends that were suppose to spend the night home (and yes, she's pulled this garbage in front of K and J...they just sit there with their mouths hanging open). So far she's been fine the rest of the day.

I wanted to share a picture of my newly cleared craft table. To see a before pic you'll have to visit here

I didn't get anymore sewing done today. Between the blowup with Val and doing some cleaning my brain wasn't up to it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get back into it.

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Chris said...

So does Drew hang out in his room and do crafts now ;-)

LOL, the room looks great...can't wait to see what crafty things you start turning out since I am SO UN-crafty myself.